English Language Company is famous for its work programs for students. Depending on your visa options, there are four programs you can choose from:

Four great work programs

  • Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP)
    We help students find part-time work through our unique Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP). If you are on a student visa , you can work part time (up to 40 hours per fortnight) while you study full time and if you are on a working holiday visa, this program will help you find a part-time job during your course or prepare for your work search in the second part of your working holiday experience.
  • Work and Travel Company (WTC)
    We have teamed up with Australia’s largest employment agency for working holiday makers, Work and Travel Company. If you have a working holiday visa become a member and receive all their services including access to paid work.
  • Conservation Volunteering
    If you want to visit places tourists don’t normally see, including remote areas, and have the chance to make a volunteer contribution to improving the Australian environment, join our conservation volunteering program. This program is open to applicants on all visa types and is also a great way to travel on a budget.
  • Professional Internship
    If you want to get valuable work experience in your chosen profession we can organize a professional internship for you. You will need to be on a Working Holiday visa or meet the eligibility requirements for a Special Program Visa.

Other ways ELC helps you with preparing for work in Australia:

English Extras – Work Oz seminars
Any ELC student can attend our regular Work Oz seminars on:

  • Preparing your resume
  • Interview techniques
  • The language you need for typical working holiday and student jobs in Australia

Special Focus Modules – English for Work
Whether you need English for your future career or to help you work in Australia we have several work-related classes for you to choose from:

Hospitality skills and qualifications
Many of our students find work in cafes, bars and restaurants in Australia. That’s why we have developed our own barista training and have teamed up with BarMax, Australia’s leading training oragnisation, delivering more courses in hospitality skills.

  • Coffee culture – In-house barista class.
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) – This qualification is mandatory for bar and restaurant staff in Australia. This is a one-day course that you can book at ELC and take on the weekend. You will get your certificate on the same day.
  • Bar Operations – This one day course takes you through the basics of how to serve drinks in a bar.
  • Cocktail course – This half-day course teaches you the skills and secrets behind the best cocktails: How to pour, layer, blend, shake, stir and muddle the best drinks out. You will learn about flavours and styles of liqueurs, spirits and mixers.