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S., such as the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains.If this rate remains unchanged, some species will disappear from half of the habitats they occupy in about 20 years.Consequently, their bodies are much more sensitive to environmental factors such as disease, pollution, toxic chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, and habitat destruction.The worldwide occurrences of amphibian declines and deformities could be an early warning that some of our ecosystems, even seemingly pristine ones, are seriously out of balance.Amphibians are good indicators of significant environmental changes.Amphibians, unlike people, breathe at least partly through their skin, which is constantly exposed to everything in their environment.They were explicitly oriented to the booklet as presenting a “story” in the initial instructions: “Here is a book.This book tells a story about a boy [point to picture on cover], a dog [point], and a frog [point]. Pay attention to each picture that you see and afterwards you will tell the story.” Because the goal was to leave the burden of narration on the child, without scaffolding by the adult, the various adult interviewers were instructed to minimize their verbal feedback to neutral comments that would not influence the form of expression chosen by the child.

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Amphibian decline is a problem of local, national, and international scope that can...

Though every region in the United States has suffered amphibian declines, threats differ among regions.

They include: Amphibian declines are a global phenomenon that has continued unabated in the United States since at least the 1960's.

The conversion to CHAT was straightforward except for the English Berkeley data which will need some additional double-checking to eliminate inaccuracies.

During the conversion, pictures were marked with @g headers.

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