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Fixes for sync issues can range from easy to complex, but any solution will require you to take some action.Fix: If you do not see the tray icon, you do not have Dropbox installed on your computer.The failover cluster being updated must run Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, or Windows Server 2012. CAU is agnostic to the type of the clustered application.

Rate My Space contributor mayxu_2000 and her husband hired a contractor to reface cabinetry.

Rate My Space contributor Carolynar's new kitchen features dark, Shaker-style cabinetry with frosted-glass door panels, a granite and quartz countertop, self-closing drawers and doors and a stainless-steel sink.

Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU) is a feature that coordinates software updates on all servers in a failover cluster in a way that doesn't impact the service availability any more than a planned failover of a cluster node.

Fix: Add the Dropbox cache folder to an ignore list on your security/antivirus software. Once synced, you should no longer see these warnings or quarantine messages.

Note: Unlike other folders in Dropbox, the ".dropbox.cache" folder should have a red X on it—this folder does not need to sync.

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