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For I have dreamt of him In the dark nights And in my red dawns Of awakening My eagle soars to be with him A blissful feathered dawn I lie with him in the night breeze And our sighs are taken up into the endless skies Where they mix with divine dew Raining down on us in blessings Wetting us in our union A heavenly approval Of why I love Him So.

© Alison Stormwolf Exquisite joy, exquisite pain Are no strangers to me For years ago I slipped my moorings Drifting out to sea That ocean of the hearts delight Denied me for so long Where waves of passion swell the night As mermaids sing their song The story of a love gone cold And weep while singing, So sad the song They sing of how I risked it all To set my captive free A melancholy figure Revealed in a dream to me She stood alone in darkest gloom Before a window barred All dressed in black, I viewed her back And knowledge came to me She was my ‘self’ My strong desires I’d locked up on the day I gave myself in marriage My freedom locked away In a dark and lonely dungeon Far from the light of day So I broke free And chanced my fate Out on life’s oceans deep Oh!

© Alison Stormwolf He lives And while he does So, also do my hopes And dreams He lives And that knowlege Plays about my heart Suffusing it With noon-day sun He lives And that thought Places a smile About my lips And a fire in my eyes He lives So this world Is not the grey Alien land It once was Why? © Alison Stormwolf Should I never see you smile again Or feel your hand in mine, I have taken of the waters Of a love that was divine Should I never hold your body Or look deeply in your eyes I know we loved each other And this world is full of lies.

© Alison Stormwolf Terms Of Use All poetry on this site is copyright Alison (Stormwolf) Bunker, and may not be reprinted without explicit written permission.

And at time of my transition And I close my eyes for good May my heart remain suffused with love May my thoughts be true and good And my leaving and my waking, Will be “one above the rest” With my hand in yours SO softly And my head upon your chest. Turn around and see me standing there Take me in your loving arms Run your fingers through my hair Take me to our ‘special place’ once more The one reserved for me and you, Whisper softly in my ear, the way that lovers do; Do you have to go SO soon? You speak to me In moonlight You join me In my dreams You’ve always Been beside me You’ve held me Through My screams I’ve called for you In star-time I’ve ached for you At dawn Now come my love And take me Before Our time is Gone © Alison Stormwolf How then shall I love you? Your every breath is mine Your heart beats to my own peculiar rhythm I push you away and still you stay!

Shall I send for winged chariots To ferry me over the oceans? For I often wander In the underworld And sometimes I fear This will be my prison And many times I try To elevate myself Onto a higher perspective And oft times I fall Back into my silence How then, Shall I love You? An immovable rock, in the landslide Of my emotions Oblivious of all warnings Unexpected conditions stay indoors!

Your love was a blessing, in human dressing But I am on the road to find out.

Our union Holy, lovemaking solely My way to find out.

And having experienced all these things And perhaps understood very little! © Alison Stormwolf Peace transcending space and time Bliss beyond description Safety and contentment Encased in your arms Heavy rain on the window We share the womb Our love has fashioned Content to sleep, content to dream And never wake © Alison Stormwolf I will nurse you back to health So sleep, and rest assured I am in the next room Alert to your call Mindful of your needs Your medicine, the antidote To a lifetime of struggle A hot water bottle for your soul My caring, your salvation My love, the “Cure All” Do not fret, be at peace Sleep the sleep of the beloved Cocooned in blissful knowledge Your existence, my reason to live To make you happy.

You can also listen to a selection of Love Audio Poetry Oh, my sweet darling Let me hold you Through the dark hours For something is released in me A physical sensation An envelope of caring Twinning us here For all time I am mute With longing You consume me entirely Stamped upon the ether Our sounds, scents, aching There is no world beyond What we have engineered I kiss you And would die To never lose this feeling.

© Alison Stormwolf He could not know Or maybe realise his role In the quickening of my mind The returning to life Of my body That subtle stirring That almost forgotten Blossoming and unwrapping The unfolding of sweet petals Wanting only him….

© Alison Stormwolf You speak And my tethered heart Fights against the bars of my self imposed prison You smile And my world has colour Past hurts are forgotten Wounds are healed, miraculously You write And my heart is warmed After many months in icy winter Too many nights of biting cold You live And the knowlege Gives my heart the wings To fly to pastures new. Your feet transverse the chasm Between my hurt and my heart Brave soul! Time, age or distance cannot diminish The galaxy of stars I see When I look in your eyes My words are like jewels Given on a velvet cloth Pure, bright, unblemished I am but one star in the creation A tiny drop of being But let that being drop on you Nourish, water and comfort you In life's droughts. Exposing all inconsistencies You trampled my defences And soared over my barriers With nothing more Than your integrity And `real' heart beating In time to my own Why do I feel such security Enfolded in your arms?

There have been others before you Who have held me close And whispered words of love But I knew YOU would come!

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