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Listed as a World Heritage Site, these ruins are some of the best preserved Greek ruins outside Greece proper.

Roman and Gothic buildings are also present, but the town`s main attraction remains its Greek heritage.

Agrigento, Sicily, was built on top of the ancient Greek colony town of Akragas.

It is home to the amazing "Valley of the Temples", a site hosting some of the greatest Greek ruins in the world.

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The history of Ortigia is very attractive and the Greek heritage is still present in many monuments: during the Hellenistic period, in fact, the island was the political and religious center of the town of Siracusa.Prices do not include insurance or delivery charges which are optional and customizable by the traveler.The airfare portion of the itinerary price is based on economy class, midweek departure.Taormina dates back to the 4th century BC, when it was a Greek colony.Dimmed the most beautiful town in Sicily for its location on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea with Mount Etna in the background, it achieved international fame in the early 20th century when it became a huge magnet for expatriate writers and intellectuals.Once passed the main bridge of Ponte Umberto, you will then reach the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the oldest Doric temple in Sicily dating back from the sixth century BC.Aren’t you dreaming of exploring Siracusa and stay in any of the available villas for rent in Siracusa by Dolce Vita Villas?There are also plenty of treasures to uncover in its rather forgotten museums.Arabic and North African influences are still visible in outdoors markets such as Vuccirria, and an interesting mélange of Arab, Byzantine, Norman and baroque architectural styles are visible to the trained eye.Have you already booked your accommodation among the luxury villas for rent in Siracusa by Dolce Vita Villas?We suggest you to start your holiday in Sicily visiting the beautiful island of Ortigia, the oldest part of Siracusa.

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