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" That "alogan" apparently Is destined to remain noth- ing more than a "tfogan" for a long time. Mr Mac Donald may be isked to eiqpialn the reason why. Wtonlpif had an ^ stnietive example to that etfwi hol vary years ago Free C^ieoch ran riot there t*. A Rtneral sti Ikr wan l)e KUti after muui violent dec Unniainn riif sacred principle i I ^bci as ! and R are prom ulga lad for the tafonnatlon of alt eo Doenwd : Mb FMd Battery^ To be Beoond USBle Baiil istqtermmieraryi, J.

30:(1 Hv.t Deniiuion W II Plreng Uj Derreiif.e.1 The under- mviitloned (~) R '.s li ivc h Tn struck IS stfto Uy an optional tax, one cannot Il^! You'll look lur j-niartness and that iinc quality which means value in your new Winter Overcoat . You'll find that smar Cnevs of tut (It Si Timiiiiit inp Iloml Street like? Large Kitchen, Silver, Dishes and Tables lor Balsct IHtuun. Carpet for floor (or large Lacturea- l UMs Vr Mn ilt^ Itt ' We do all cleaning. GORDON BUILDING [lii'^ Cldtiy Place ha^ f irn,)nts now. Vlctorta oo April 22, IL'29, c;il»tc, »66,074 Tiiomss Goutfh, Ur^ of Vlrtorla. but armed forces are the facts 1.0 be coldly considered al the Anivs evuiced at the central tiead- Quanen of the Xnelttata tn Van- mm pi Y Bflll N IINES rerty-Ona Chtaeas Fland Ow Dty m City Pe Mee Court «• Behtg la- eaalcs ef a Qamhig Heuae A total of 9301 was contributed to ^ , the city police exchequer yesterday ' faculties by fpriy-one Chhicse, who plended ' guilty at the court session throuirh their counsel. Joe Hon ens connoted on a charge of sd Ung fhwaeken to two minors at his store. I say wldsspread because the hirger the number ' of Individual contributors the greater the moral support and tanglbls proof of pub- Uc appreciation an A agnapathetlc considerallon of tbto cam- paign. By the comhicted etto Tts of many this ob- ject may easily be obtained. the ^.inall contributions of the leas well-to-do and the wage- earners are Just as welcome . SCHOOLBOYS HMl, HOBUr BUILUi Nb area* lagl Wi Hi eeatful Msa Nov CMar SOUTH AFRICA HAS MMffr Elt Of U. ell W rjthers trying to find out Uie fundamentals of aerodynamics by means of models of their own manu- facture. 5 HQ Fort Street f»^ oe Ih9b4 itaa» sad *nm- IMN.1 Soo MUdng funny about ll Uit Why all ll M snddm popularity? Ws attll bsvc To Kent: Nice Light Storeroom, faciii K Kn I finer , |S0 Very Large Lower Floor, well hghtnl and aired. Very Lm«« W«n-Uib«ad Masaanii M Floor AU r«ita i Bclads Llfht snd Host For Appstntmaots 8s« A.^ iiu» Tho Griffith Co. as larger sums given by those who have Rrc Hter puwrr to give, and re- member the old adage, "He gives twice who glvu B quickly." "Arc.hbltf U9 of New Westminster." t Slgned "A. PTo Ri dlffemt parts of the building wdl ooote the sound of hamosers and saws, the Man of wood and metal lathes. Cratgd ■nd Shipped Pool Carg for Prairiea and Att Polatg Baal Wa Can Save You Time and Monof. Slater cant giuls Dgwe U out — but the oat* ^'*MV ciaetly vtiy tho an eii Md 10 Ponds in 22 Days Tlial5 going 'Klnnv men, wcimen and ch Udrei. has much pleasure m publish- ing the results, as follows, and Jotau with the Hon. w Uheitt regard to oiarka or to his aosapg Wlve steili M hs t Ss May Form i^ahinrt PARIS, Oct ^^ -Edouard Dela- dlse, I s art sr of the Ridlcal-Sr.-lr1lst notified Pre idrnt r VM'mer- of his srreptanre of the tart Of fcrrr.:;^ i C:^L-.;*.. AU criu- elm wu dl Mrnwd aa a prelude to the Aaarnia- ment of natloni. It seems to be easier to eatab Uab ptaee thnraili- out a na Mrally nfltt Hit world than to eitab Uah and m a in tai n peaee within the political domestic circle. But we fear the Prim*- Minis', r will find that when be cro«, M d the Atitmtii un t hindfd un the other Side, hp left the truri' h.- hind him. There are so many cackling po Htteal chickeru that will Insist upon "ooo Uflf l UMne to roost" at Inconvenient aeo Bona. In that Parliament there w Ul be the political party led by lilr. whfr*- bv the pow^r Rfnrrated by thf I' lrit U-Otfe tlf'VPlopiiirnt will be niadr ii-c I i for the purpose of &ervlng liif rommunltlen th»t com^ wlthtn the sfope of thf rornpui-v'^ niri-E- Ucns. l ii'- uie*r- report* Mem to im Ur vale Uiat a u not the Ihtenttoo or the Bol Uair oae R9eny to prooeed aiunc that UBe, but that an ar- rangenient may be entered inlo with the Canadian Utilities by whlt h power may be taken In bulk, and Uie latter rompanj will becoo&c thr M-Tfliirr of the energy ai re- itiirrd AUhm the area covered by colliery ^"in Ban T'l r*** rt Shls. Princess Mjrgncn're Collides With Princess Louise off Kellet L Blull in Larly Morning Hours — Three Staterooms Are Demolidxd and Seven Others Damaged — Stories of Esrewitnesscs FREMICR HOWARD FEROr SON Wh M* b^vm I I* ih* vl MMrkla ■111 tmt m Imu In th* nail* %m to %mkm ant Wad w From thm Colonist Tower THF WCATHKR victo Dn u Atifin R a bigger fleet for France than for Italy. Young Son— Didn't we get a book of Instructions with it, mother? and instnic Cfed us to sell on easy terms 3QQ NKW ni'N'r. VK HAY BEIXC cii ..r ron-iriii propntgr tn China wl Uilu nve years. Her naval programme, in face of all talk to the contrary, makes her plan of de- fence the oftensl Te m d Utant wat'-rs. Such Li her present cru Lier strength that she cfui M «wef*p ihp lj! Thai menaced Liberal principle is Free Speech, ii Lso for the present spelled with wftp Htl fnltwiis The Tory po Uoe of Toronto are preventing rep- resentatives ot the Th M Intema Uonal from opening their mouths and saying the thing they will In city parks and other public places. RKABONS FOK FKANCUIb E There had hma f«parto to the e T- feci that the Wel Unfton Oo Uery Company might wiah to hito the pr^wcr line Itaelf. rommtt The Puntiedie pewer la ea Umated to be t ipe hte of veloplnff MHoethlnc like M,«0 bone- power. Ranoe Is described as ready to dlaeois the quaatkm ol a reasonable p i uptatka i between the two nations but la quite unw UUng to accept naval parity. Distioction ^i J^ Rcul Value In Clocks of Every Calibre Here is a splendid buy. M( r \K\V; living-room, kitchen, 2 bcalh- rooin, tcincnt Iiasc ment turruue, cement driveway tu garage; nice garden with itak trees. PLACE or M18BIONABIU ■The question w If the tlmp has not ojtiie ftir Ihr ti UMlonarli'ft to ir lire from (.'Mrui Al! iitt-d Sutfi niff Jji-].' flag off the Pacl Ac by cominer Lt-- dsstroytng rald.t. Chief of Po Uoe John fry s Uted that In oonpaay with other po Uoe offlccn he raided the Pan Tan Alley premlsss on #Vlday nluht at o'dook, and found gaipbllng In pragresa. who pleaded guilty to a chante of falling lo bring his sutomoblle to a full ftop upon en- tering an arterut highway. Some of the Communists and other Red Hag- gers of Toronto who want to make speeches In public places and inflame the hearts of the peo- ple against existing and established British Ins U- tattons are nosolnally ruimlng as candidates against the Provincial Oovernment of Premier Penpjson: but of course Mint fact has imthlng ivhat- vr: ;n do with the ala.-in uf Tlw Fr*o Prosi. iples, not politics, are at the root of the matter At the «aip» ilfflc, the fact reautlas that ODtarlo Is a eentre of Oonssrvatlsm in Canada. *T ttreng Ui from the dale, and for raw material to augment It, to say - nothing of our visiting friends lielp- ine us swell the amount. ,32 € MASAYANG TERAUAN Metung qng masayang teracao a ibiena ning Sair Fernando, Capamp ngan, ya ing qng para caaiang, Agosto f 19 1937 qng aldo nang beitan inng presidente Manuel L fl Quezon at ding cualtang matipun caibat nang linual a ig_oang gastus miebie la qng Anti Tuberculocis Iting teracan marapat qng maragul nang salon ning Municipio San Fernando.The hanwnc Ler rvmklni it Atlon Ary over th U province, and fogsy km Uut h M bwu genersl o» the Comi Pint, co DUnues on the Pr&lri M. 274-SEVENTY-Fl Rii T YEAH l OLOMST TLLtrm)Ni:s News Editor UKl Bdl Uirtel ftoom.. He wnj; a corr Mprand- fnt m tlic Philippine Hebe Ulon. Tlie Manitoba Fr«e Press Is a very /calf-u.'* Mborai organ now. N and tl Sooi Al Bdiifln ftnd Otty Bs U Rcporttf— SIU LOCAL SHIPS CRASH IN HAZE OFF SAN JUAN ISLAND Colliery Co mpany Secu res Power Franchise Extension for Portion of Island PASSENCEIIS HSVE^ Author Uy Is Given To Supply Power Over Wide Section Wellington Colliery Company Receives Fran- chise Covers Territory Between Duncan and Courtenayr and Across to Alberni Canal Rivals in Ontario Fight |

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