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With the record before this last, we were like, “let’s be total pros.” Let’s go to the studio. The time came to make a new record and we threw away that whole scenario. My peak time is after midnight, so that ruled out anyone co-producing it with me. I wanted to revisit the feeling of that majestic atmosphere that you have when you were just 14, 15, 16 years old and you just got first recording devices, and you recorded a drum track in basement or garage. Something we don’t have, so we listen to each other and try and find the most crucial intersections.

We booked a studio for two weeks and we set the goal to be finished in that short period of time, because we’re pros. You have a friend coming over to lay some bass [laughs] and you wrote some lyrics at like three in the morning, so you scream whispered it because everyone’s asleep. I mean, yes, making a living at doing it is very important, amazing, wow, thank you. But that payoff—that fulfillment—is the ultimate payoff. Complement each other with these various cultural things.

Eugene Hutz played the main character oposite Elijah Wood.

Latin meets Slavic meets punk in the energetic, celebratory band Gogol Bordello.

At the root of it all it’s really just music of damaged people.

And damaged from a vast sense because almost everyone is damaged, just some of them—if you read any sort of Kabbalah or any spiritual type of teaching, you’ll find people come into the world with damage, and they’re here to heal it.

That’s why you never heard of any great rock bands from that part of the world.

I think you are kind of hitting it on the nail on what we do. The general celebration is the denominator that attracts a lot of people first. Because we love playing and performing, on a deep level we let it be reckless and we spill all the guts of each song. The songwriting goes in a quite different way with every album.Charismatic rock stars like Eugene Hutz are a dying breed, which is why Matt was thrilled to welcome to Gogol Bordello frontman and godfather of gypsy punk on to Life In The Stocks for an abstract and philosophical discussion about everything from consumerism and reincarnation to the human potential and the meaning of life. Radio, Metal Hammer & Classic Rock), Life In The Stocks features in-depth, candid conversations with musicians, actors, comedians, writers, directors, photographers & industry figures.This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.Being in a band with its own unique walk of life and sounds, I think that’s the kind of place we were aiming for ... I think there is enough resource, and place for everyone under the sun. It was me giving a helping hand to the writing brother who was completely unequipped with how to describe us [laughs].Clark: How do you feel about being pinned as gypsy punk? In fact, it was very American of me to do that [laughs] …I was hoping he was going to do a surprise set last year, but it never happened. He has been known to spin everything from Balkan Beat Box to The Clash, and Fugazi to Manu Chao. As far as I am concerned, he stole the movie from Elijah Wood though. He says to this very day his parents tell him that he should have gone into acting rather than music, because he is better at it.He's no technical electronic genius, but when Euegene first moved to New York, his first job was DJ and he got a rep for being rediculously fun and turning the club into a giant party. I took my niece this year and it was her first Coachella. She thought it felt like a magical scene from Shreck. At Coachella last year, Gogol brough some of the do-lab dancers on stage and it was great. I took my niece this year and it was her first Coachella. She thought it felt like a magical scene from Shreck.I took my niece this year and it was her first Coachella. She thought it felt like a magical scene from Shreck. The one where all the fairy tale creatures meet for the first time in Shreck's swamp. And you’re thinking this is the most amazing fucking thing that ever happened in the world. It was completely orchestrating this atmosphere of being one with what people call magic, ya know? I felt like I drove every song to it’s maximum potential. This is exactly where the song sits in the universe. Clark: Tell me about the multicultural aspect of your band. So, Sergey [Ryabtsev, violinist], Pasha [Newmer, accordianist], and Boris [Pelekh, guitarist], we’re all Slavic souls—Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. We left the studio at four, five, six, sometimes eight in the morning. And if you look at the history of Eastern European music you’ll see there is absolutely no sense of rhythm. So I was always very influenced by the idea of bringing that with a deep groove sensibility—that is why we have Thomas [Gobena, bassist] and Alfredo [Ortiz, percussionist] and Pedro [Erazo, percussionist] as rhythm section.

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