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I don't regret that." You know, I do kind of regret some of what happened. So, feeling that again with Holly was really refreshing and I'm really glad for it -- particularly because now I'm on the other side of this whole thing. We were walking down the steps and Holly actually said -- we sat down immediately and under her breath, she was kind of like, "Something's about to happen." My first thought to that was, "Yes, I know. Something big is going to happen, like, I know that." And then when Chris was like, "Do you know where they're at right now? I felt great about it, and then when I saw Chris' face say, "Holly, why don't you tell him? Michael Stagliano: Sure, it's not that great, but I can kind of disclaim it by saying, "Did I really get to know Blake, really? We did not sit down and share beers and talk really at all.

I think mainly, none of this really exactly aired, but kind of putting trust in Blake. " I thought that they were trying to make that a moment, you know? " That's when I kind of had that heart drop and I was like, "Oh God, what is there? I wish I could follow it up with an equally as good answer, but yes. But I think you can tell a lot by someone's actions and also some of by what they say, and I think on both of those accounts, unfortunately I don't think Blake is a good guy.

Show Updates People News Spoiler News Entertainment News Reality TVDB POP Hollywood Reality TV News Wire Features & Interviews Sexy Social Pics of the Day Things to Know Profiles Message Boards Shows Listing Michael Stagliano and his partner Holly Durst were crowned Bachelor Pad's winning couple, beating out Michelle Money and Graham Bunn during Monday night's finale broadcast of the second season of the ABC reality competition, which featured 18 former The Bachelor bachelorettes and The Bachelorette bachelors competing for a 0,000 cash prize.

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I feel like I could use one of those and kind of hit a reset button like for seven days, seven nights somewhere in the Caribbean.

Blake and I kind of agreed before it happened to let Holly go on that date, and I talked to Holly about it and I kind of trusted Holly enough and trusted where we were at in getting back together and kissing and kind of falling in love again -- I trusted that maybe a little too much. -- To see if I knew if Holly was moving to South Carolina and moving in with Blake. " And then when she told me, even when Chris was talking, I kept telling my buddies and my family afterwards that I didn't black out, but I had no idea what happened the next 20 minutes. They're engaged and so I don't really wish that necessarily. I think I would have gone in a little bit more point and kill. Putting the drama aside, did you have fun on the show and what were your most memorable moments? Two shiny examples of that are I think that if you knowingly manipulate a woman to have feelings for you and kiss her and tell her things and promise her things, and then when she kind of figures out that's not the case and is really upset about it, I think that on national television, for you to call her a shrew of a bitch and Hurricane Melissa and all those things, I think a good guy doesn't do that. And then none of this really aired -- well none of it aired at all -- but Blake actually kind of made a deal with me. What did you think of Kasey and Vienna, their gameplay and them in general? Honestly, really impressed with them in terms of gameplay, and really, they should have been gone the first night. They were a couple so no one can use them as partners and all they have is their votes.

Because after Holly went on that date, obviously, everything completely changed. But in terms of falling in love with her again and opening up with her again, no. I say that because after I had broken up with Holly in March and between that date and when we started filming at the beginning of June, I was so turned off to dating and love and just ate ice cream and watched romantic comedies and like cried in the corner, you know? I knew that Chris kept asking those questions and then I remember kind of stumbling over my words and saying, "Uh, can I get a water or a commercial break would be great? I don't wish that Blake wasn't there, because that's obviously how things are supposed to have turned out, you know? I think -- I didn't want to start things until after the show got done, but yeah -- Holly wouldn't have gone to Blake and would have gone to me instead. He came to me after he won the kissing contest and said like, "Hey, look, I kind of realized where [Melissa Schreiber] and I are at in the alliance and we're kind of on the outskirts, so I want to make a deal with you where I'll take Holly on a date -- purely for safety reasons, obviously for the rose -- and keep her safe as long as you keep Melissa around." Again, just one step further with that, he was shaking my hand, he was looking me in the eyes and said like, "I know where you guys are at. I'm going to be totally respectful and not do anything." And then even when he came up to Holly in the mixer room to take her on a date, he shook my hand again and said, "You have nothing to worry about, man. They really did put our alliance together and after that, honestly -- being totally honest -- it was really kind of Graham and I that ran our alliance and ran the show.

Blake was paired up with Erica Rose, who tried to seduce them during the date they won in a Newlyweds-style game.

When he refused that, she tried to convince him to stay the night for appearances, but he was concerned about what the others (namely Holly) would think if he spent the night with yet another girl.

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  1. That's not a good start for any kind of relationship … So, mustering up enough energy to glam up, drive to a bar or restaurant and sit through a date starts to seem more like a punishment rather than a fun thing to do!