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😉 But after the 14th prayer it doesn’t have to end there. After Prayers for our Future Husbands ends, you can continue to pray in your daily devotions, before you go to bed, when your sitting in the living room, when your doing dishes, ect. We hope you will join us in our 2 week prayer journey. Please bring him godly mentors and companions that will spur him on in the pursuit of godliness. Give your husband one prayer a day on your special honeymoon, it will make it even more special. Please help him know you love him and are looking out for him. I love you and want to bring You and my future husband honor. Lord, please bless my future husband today with the gift of friends.Welcome to our 14 day journey in “Prayers for our Future Husbands”! God, I ask you to help him love you more than anything else, running after you, unapologetically seeking you with all his heart.

When he is fighting sins (as I know he will), please show him that in the end, asking for help is worth the momentary humiliation if it means overcoming his vices. Dear God, please help my future husband to be a good leader in whatever position you may have him to be in now and in the future. Only you know exactly what his life will hold, and precisely what you want to do through him. Help him to rely solely on you for his strength, and to move forward with confidence. Please inspire him with a strong vision for his life.I know that being a leader requires boldness and humility, strength but lowliness of heart, wisdom beyond his years but also a meek spirit, I pray that he may learn this and more before he becomes the leader of our family. May he be filled with Your Holy Spirit and walk in truth and grace. I don’t know who, or where he is or what he is doing right now but I pray for your everlasting joy to be with him. And, Lord, help my husband to not be afraid of what the answers might be, but to know that all things have a place in Your plan.Teach him to pursue truth with zeal, but at the same time, Lord, let him accept that he can’t find the answers to some questions on this side of heaven.Let him enjoy life to its fullest today and everyday! Let the clouds of depression and worry see his joy and pass over him. Jesus, I pray that you would bless my future husband with the gift of a loving, sweet and tender heart.Bring him peace and comfort so that he can experience the fullness of Your goodness Jesus. Let him learn now while he is single to be a loving husband.May he learn integrity, strength of mind and above all, love. Dear God, I pray that You would bless my future husband as he seeks out the answers to the questions that arise in life.May he learn to be strong in his beliefs and not back down or give into the ways of the world. Help him to know that as the Author of all things You have all the answers.And, Lord, when the answer is not available this side of heaven, please show him how to hope in You. Dear God, please help my future husband to love your word, the Bible. Guide him and give him wisdom when he reads so that he will be able to teach and guide our family someday. Dear God, please give my future husband strength and wisdom today.Help him to be meditating on it all the time and to not just hear it, but be doing what you tell him to be doing in it as well. Please give him the strength to face the temptations the world lays constantly before him.

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