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ON BRIEF HIATUSSantana and Brittany are going through some marital problems. P Brittany and Santana meet when they are both Freshmen. Color her surprised to find a pregnancy test in her trash especially since she doesn't have the equipment to get anyone pregnant. When Dani comes home things aren't all peaches and cream. P Dani)Paige Mc Cullers finds her world turned upside down when she discovers the people who raised her aren't her real parents. Santana notices the change in the diva but will she be able to pick up the pieces and fix her before it's too late? Will she bring her good things or headaches to her life. Will a certain brunette questioning her sexuality fall for her worst enemy? (M for lady lovin' & cursing)Brittany and Santana are best friends. When Santana falls pregnant, what'll happen to their friendship? Right before her senior year he drops a bomb on her and she's given a choice. Smut and sexy time will come, but Santana has to reveal her soft side before! Ryan and Santana have been best friends for as long as the both of them could remember and that hasn't changed once they enter high school as their social statuses changed with Santana being a Cheerio and Ryan being a Captain of the Glee Club and Superheroes Appreciation Club. You save lives every day, never hesitating to run into the flames. Santana has a two year old son after being raped by Rick at one of Puck's parties. Santana gets partnered up with Rachel on a school project. Warning: Finn bashing Brittany has been in the military for 5 years. Quinntana Santana's visiting her aunt and uncle in LA when she goes to a club with her cousin and meets famous actor/dancer Brett Pierce. What if Dani had transferred to Mc Kinley as a sophomore? But people who are meant to be together find their way back, they make take a few detours but they're never lost. What starts out as her being a good citizen turns into something she wasn't prepared for.24 year old serial killer, Brittany, escapes from a Russian prison. They have to deal with the rollercoaster ride also called realtionship. Unfortunately with her job she is out of town a lot and leaves her friend Rachel to take care of her girlfriend. p Santana and Dani have been dating for over the course of their high school years and Dani inlists into the Army after Graduation but doesn't tell Santana. What happens when she sees a girl with brown eyes, over and over again. What happens when one breakup leads to them being fake girlfriends? He is a ruthless mobster living a double life causing Rachel to do the same. At an auction of a run-down slave trader she finds just the one. There won't really huge changes to the story but there will be some. "I gots to listen to your heart, so take off your shirt."Brittana AU. Faberry with minor Brittana, Samcedes, Klaine, and Tike plus some pretty epic Quam and Quick bromance. She begins to straighten up her act when she joins the football team and the glee club because there she falls in love with her longtime enemy, Santana. She doesn't think Brittany is any different from the rest until she finds out that there's more to her than she initially thought. Despite the warning signs and the uneasiness she feels she goes to help the girl.Pezberry pairing is endgame with OC/pairing of with another Glee girl. Brett Pierce is a big nerd who has a secret crush on a very popular cheerleader named Santana Lopez. NEEDING A BETASantana bullied Brittany in high school really badly and now at the age of 20 Santana is still having night terrors over the thoughts of what Brittany may have done because of her. (PART 1 OF BB TRILOGY)The girls are all ready to face the challenges adult life throws at them. Give it a try ;)Rosewood has been a quiet town until the new kids came into town. Santana is an up and coming fashionista with a very successful fashion blog based in Lima, Ohio. What if Santana stooped so low as taking on a job as pole dancer to take care of her daughter? When the daughter of the second hand of the King and Queen of Spain spots a girl floating in the ocean on a piece of wood. But when her planned rebound and distraction turned into something much more complex Quinn has to decide if she's ready to face the reality of her backfired plan. Santana and Brett going through the trials of high school with some unexpected surprises along the way. P or Teacher/Student relationship fanfiction don't read! ;)When Quinn, Mercedes and Santana leave Puck, Sam, and Brittany for 5 years to pursue their dreams with out them now they have everything that they ever wanted now they need to get their drugs on Real World Ex-Plosion/Skeletons G!When Santana is attacked and is saved by a mysterious kick-ass blonde martial artist, she notices something familiar in the way she moves. Santana's friends make a bet with her that she only has two months to take Brett's virginity and humiliate him. Santana, Quinn and Rachel live in New York and are in a band together. However, it really takes some courage to fight through those battles when things come up along the way. Being the mayor's daughter, Paige can do whatever she wanted. What happens when Brittany sets out to recruit Santana? What Rachel finds her one night and tries to help her by taking her in? p Rachel Rachel is a nerd who's always been an outcast by everyone at the school. She's in for a surprise when she realizes what the girl's capable of. Will they be able to make it though high school in one piece despite everything that happens to them? P Britt Brett is a quirky but a bright lawyer working for Mario Lopez's company.

Mutual friends in the know may be forthcoming with details as well.

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Brittany and Santana move to New York City along with most of the crew after graduation. She goes to NYU with her best friends Quinn and Rachel. But that's just the beginning when unusual things start happening in little Lima, Ohio. Can Santana help Charlie out of this bad time and give her something to change for? His slumped shoulders, and slowed step make her stomach sink. They adjust to it, as their life changes for the good and better. Brittany Pierce is one of the few treasured teachers at William Mc Kinley High School who actually enjoys her job and cares about the kids. After a horrible break up, Brittany enlists in the army. Will Brittany be able to forgive Santana after 4 years or is she going to end up getting her heart broken again? P Brittany Law student Santana and best friend Quinn stop at Starbucks every morning for their daily coffee fix. But what if something Rachel didn't expect happens. Pezberry endgame.)Brittany Pierce is the biggest nerd in school. After drunkenly hooking up at junior prom Santana becomes pregnant with Brittany's child. Brett's a cop who has a huge crush on his partner's girlfriend's best friend. Brittany has just moved to Lima and is attending William Mc Kinley High School. Will Santana give up the reputation she has left for the woman she loves or will she continue to mess with Brittanys heart? Police officer Brittany gets hurt and a group of survivors take her in, As soon as Brittany lays her eyes on the mean, Bitchy Latina she automatically feels a connection but the Latina doesn't feel the same way or does she? With their marriage on the rocks, will they be able to come together when tragedy strikes their family or will everything just fall apart once and for all? The other one is in love with the one that's engaged and the one that's engaged has absolutely no fucking idea. The other one is definitely not and the one that's supposedly happy has absolutely no fucking idea. Brettana(inspired by She's The Man) Brittany applies to Camp Watta Watta Film Dance and Drama, only to learn that there's no more room for girls. Little does Santana know that Quinn will do everything in her power to make the raven haired beauty fall in love with her along the way. [Dantana AU with a side of Star Kurt and every other ship ever. When killings start occurring at Mc Kinley, Brittany realizes school isn't going to be how it seems. Santana has a boyfriend, Sam, but when she confesses to Britt that he still hasn't taken her virginity during a game of truth-or-dare, she's only so happy to do the honors. Santana left Brittany devastated and without an explanation. Paige is in love with Emily Fields but Emily doesn't even know she exists.

investment…saved the world during the 2008 financial crisis…” The superlatives roll on. Don’t you think, with all the growth and infrastructure, the material wealth, let alone saving the world like some kind of financial whizz James Bond, that China would be a happier and healthier country?

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