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And after a couple minutes she got him settled down, even teaching him some finer points about kissing. His arm slid smoothly around her shoulders while his other hand gently rested on her side, just below her ribs. And whether Tiffany ended the whole thing right then, I still had fodder with which to tease all three of them. Straightening up in her seat, and adjusting her t-shirt, Tiffany averted her gaze away from me. It only took Jake a moment to slide into place, his arm and hand taking up the same starting position as Chris' had. He'd obviously seen his friend's hand move, and he didn't wait long before sliding his own up to fondle the side of Tiffany's breast. Then, when he leaned in, she helped him get positioned so that neither of them were uncomfortable. As he did it was plain to me that he was having to adjust himself in his pants. He either had more experience than Chris, or he'd paid close attention to Tiffany's instructions. "Time." Chris begrudgingly pulled himself away from my wife. After a couple minutes Chris shifted in his seat and I knew from personal experience he was trying to accommodate his growing cock. Off to the side Chris was watching them intently and I wondered in what order him and Jake would disappear into the bathroom later to jerkoff. I figured this was mostly due to his hand's extremely slow progress.

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"You wanna show these young men what a real woman is like? Yet, for all his enthusiasm and the courage he'd shown to this point, it was obvious he was nervous as hell. Looking at the boys I knew they'd be up for it with no more encouragement then the sound of a starting pistol.

" My smirk grew with that first victory, as small as it may have been. " "Absolutely," Jake said, his voice quiet, like he was afraid to break the tension. "Fine, smarty-pants," Tiffany scoffed, grinning mischievously. Watching him I was unhappily reminded of my own, earliest experiences. Images of Tiffany being fucked by these two young men flashed before my eyes.

And like the trooper she is, she made me wait for a long, LONG minute before throwing the challenge right back at me. " She was trying to call me on what she thought was a bluff. And knowing my beautiful wife, I knew I needed to make it a real challenge so she wouldn't back down . Then he leaned in to kiss her with a kind of sincere awkwardness.

"I'm talking about a locked-lips-make-out-session right here on the couch." Tiffany's eyes became thin slits radiating irritation at me. She patiently waited, even giving him a reassuring smile as he stumbled through the opening process. When I did remember, they were three minutes past the allotted five minutes.

"I'm not talking about just a quick little good-night-peck-at-the-door kiss," I grinned mischievously. That was when I saw the boys freeze in my peripheral vision, both staring at me and Tiffany locked in our battle of wills. Now that the challenge had been accepted, I knew Tiffany wouldn't embarrass the young man. And yes, I had thought about both involving Tiffany; toyed with the idea of watching her, or sharing her with another man. They made the earlier stirring inside me roar into something more .

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