Ashish kumar and priyal dating

Ashish Kapoor in Ssshhh…Phir Koi Hain Ashish was first seen in Ssshhh…Phir Koi Hain.

He mentioned in an interview that he had to pass through six auditions with the look test.

He played the role of a prince who belonged to a royal family.

Kumar first participated at the 2006 Asian Artistic Gymnastics Championships staged in Surat, India.

The Delhi born actor is very well known for his roles in Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage, Ssshhh…Phir Koi Hain, Dekha Ek Khwab and Yeh rishta Kya Kehlata Hain. He is a trained interior designer who never thought of becoming an actor in the wildest of his dreams.

He started with some small roles in Shhhh Phir Koi Hain and Bandhini. Currently he is doing two roles in serials that have good popularity.

He was selected after he passed all the auditions and they started with the shooting immediately in seven days.

When asked about his character Veer he said that he could see many variations in the character. He could add many variations to the character and he couldn’t get any other platform better than this.

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