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This means that you can type a message to Assistant when you're offline, you can send an Assistant query and let it process in the background while you switch to another app, then get notified when it has an answer for you.

One of the grievances of using OK Google so far, whether it's via your phone or Wear watch, is the dreaded spinning/loading animation when for some reason or another, your phone can't directly talk to Google at that moment.

He looks a lot like the other guys you've sent before, Now and On Tap, but he seems special.

Smarter, more interesting, less coy, like a better analogue interface of what I imagine you to be.

And that is despite not having any vocal interface yet.

Beside doing regular Google searches, Assistant can comb through your own personal stuff.

Some commands don't seem to work just yet, like adding notes to Google Keep or some of the easter eggs.Whether you typed a message or sent it via voice, your query will surely be sent to Google .So any request that you don't need answered this exact moment can be processed by Assistant, knowing fully well that you won't have to repeat it and it won't fail.And you Although Assistant will not remain within the confines of Allo and will power more of the searches and queries you perform later on outside of Allo, its first appearance as a chat bot persona has a few benefits that you may have dismissed.Chatting with Google proves to be more handy than what you might think at first.But there are instances and situations where searching with Assistant can be more fun, more informative, or even slightly more capable than regular Google searches done in the browser or via an OK Google command.If Google Search can do Tic-Tac-Toe and Solitaire, Assistant one-ups it by letting you play even more games when you're bored.There are emoji games, quizzes about math and geography and entertainment, PAC-MAN, and even a full blown Rubik's Cube to solve. For instance, Assistant excels at bite-sized searches, the kind where you're tapping into general knowledge or objective information like biology, music, movies, know, the stuff that usually has Knowledge Graph cards in search results.If Google is aiming to invade your home and become the center of your searches and automations, I think this modified behavior from OK Google is crucial.Because who wants to repeat the same command 3 times until Google understands what they're saying?

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