We’re certain you’ll agree that Australia is the world’s best travel destination. It is beautiful, exciting and different to anywhere else in the world!

Whether you want to go scuba-diving on the Great Barrier Reef, see the crocodiles in Kakadu National Park, watch the sun set over Ayers Rocks or enjoy Queensland’s tropical beaches, there is something for everyone to enjoy here. Our professional team of travel advisors can help you with:

 Trips and tours

 Flights and other transport bookings



 Travel advice

Travel desk inside the school

Australia is a fantastic place to travel with amazing sights and experiences and good accommodation and transport. We have our own travel desk at school from which you can get information on the best places to go and you can book your trips and tours at exclusive prices.

Travel agency next door

Backpackers World Travel is Australia’s leading backpacker and student travel agency. Located just next door to the college, ELC students can organise all their onward travel and accommodation at great prices.

Free travel seminars

We have regular free travel seminars. Learn from our experienced staff and visiting guest speakers about where to go and what to do in Australia. Then you can be sure that you’re going to have the best time at the best price!

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