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Be willing to bet that most of them aren't making any products out of lignum vitae, just as none are selling cocobolo products that are barely harder than cherry.What most people refer to as cocobolo is dalbergia retusa.But in reality it all comes down to function hence my question.I suppose you really can't ever go wrong with LN but I suppose a review on the vise would be more reasuring. It is not perfect, but the overall quality and function are excellent.Quite a learning experience, especially the things I did by hand. The top is four separate sections of glued up boards.It's my first workbench so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but it sure beats working on sawhorses and B&D Workmate. I'm toying with building a small Roubo-inspired bench (Small = 20"x36") for my new tiny apartment and knock-down would be required. I drilled 3/4" holes in the bottom of the front section, and in the top of the front legs, and used short dowels to hold that section in place.Strangely, I never thought to wedge the tenons in a knock-down piece (just showing how green i still am behind the ears; or in this case, behind the chisels...). It holds just fine, but if you don't drill your holes straight or in the right place it may not end up flush with the legs.The front edge could be planed down to match afterward though. You'll never believe this, but wood actually expands and contracts with changes in humidity... I expected to have to re-tighten the wedges periodically, but what I found was that the sections twisted and buckled, undoing all the work I did planing the top flat.

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I have been contemplating purchasing this over the LV version as I think it is cleaner in looks and I love to buy locally whenever possible.I ended up with about 1/16" proud, which doesn't really bother me. So I added stopped sliding dovetails on the underside.To hold the other sections in place, I used a system of wedges in the back. That helped a lot, but, being my first time with sliding dovetail joints, they weren't an absolute piston fit.That particular list is usually shown on hardwood flooring websites.What's annoying about it is that everywhere you see exotic woods retailed or products made from them with the claim that they offer woods from hard (LV) to soft (cocobolo), and then quoting that.You'll be able to choose from every major top-quality manufacturer. Our experienced staff can answer all your flooring questions.A quick series of comments since I can refer you to FWW magazine, current issue for a review: I much prefer twin screws to a single screw because of the panel holding ability.The single handle function is preferable to the LV two-handle, or two independent screws (wood screws). Having the chain enclosed in the vise chop is genius.So there still was some movement I could see or at least feel on the top.Therefore as a last resort, I bought some long lag screws and screwed each section to the one in front of it.

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