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Again, this works beautifully for Commandos like us.

Third reason is that there are a LOT of sites to begin hunting for sex.

Wow, I don’t know where to even begin with this site… Most men, however, have no idea whatsoever on how to flirt – mostly because their focus on sites is so much on sex that they completely forget to have some fun in the process. This dating site is focusing on flirting, which could be translated as “this site is focusing on getting you sex faster than you feel comfortable with.” Seriously, create some kind of fun and casual banter with a girl, she’ll be all over you in a very short time.

It’s long been my belief, that single mothers are probably THE HORNIEST animals on EARTH! It’s because flirting leads to sex, and that’s what she is there for, right? Often times a “normal” dating site is STATIC, meaning it’s built on sending messages back and forth, and that can take some serious time.

Remember when I wrote that the biggest problem with a “normal” free dating site is that the users are generally speaking VERY FAR from casual dating in their minds? Worse, you don’t even know if your message got delivered on those sites.

So, instead of having actual sex with someone, all the time is spent on messaging back and forth.

Your chances of success go waaaay up when you just choose some of the best ones and take action.

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Having said that, here are the best (mostly free) sites for casual sex. That’s the reason women LOVE some innocent and casual flirting: it’s fun, free and leads into sex.

Well, one possibility is of course to start talking to people in public – and after getting rejected a couple of hundred times – being indeed successful at it.

Most men at a free dating site are acting in a way that’s not going to get them anywhere in MILLION YEARS. Act even a little bit normal and different from most guys out there, and HOT casual dates are practically inevitable.

If you view the image below it looks like a normal hand being played (certain information has been redacted to protect the innocent).

It looks normal unless you really examine the photo.

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