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So just be wary and avoid drivers who are aggressively seeking you out, and agree to a price in writing.If you’re being ripped off, leave the agreed upon cash on in the seat and calmly walk away. This is a borderline scam that basically involves a young Chinese “artist” (or innocent looking couple) who befriends you and convinces you to look at some art that they supposedly produced.Most dating sites do little to keep scammers out, whether they charge fees, or not.A majority of internet romance scammers are easy to detect, and keep off of dating sites.So try to determine if they really know the destination and don’t automatically assume that they’re scamming you (they might just be lost).

In fact, some of these scams are completely legal and so will continue to take in suckers for years to come.

RULES OF THUMB: WHERE: Various places (but especially Great Wall tours in Beijing).

THE SCAM: You get lured in by some dirt cheap tour (what do I have to lose, you ask? You find yourself herded onto some dirty bus and now you’re strapped in and out of control.

As I pointed out in the “Safety & Crime” section, they reason (correctly) that the harsh criminal penalties deter people from crime.

But there’s a considerable difference between committing an outright crime (like theft) and scamming tourists.

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