Here, the wisdom and tried and tested approach of the mythological Sage goes head to head with the new, progressive, untried, experimental approach of the Visionary – and the result is a surprisingly promising love match.Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility is much stronger than you might think, and the secret lies in what each partner gains from the other."Real Housewives of New York City" star Carole Radziwill didn't technically date a Kennedy, but came close enough.Is there a good beauty tip you've picked up from another housewife?I keep my own counsel when it comes to beauty tips, because I read a lot about that.Fittingly, Carole was the host of a dating event held at the Chicago location of SPi N last week.

It's a great website and it's a great business, and so I get my tips from her more than the housewives.So it is with Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility.On the face of it, these two partners could hardly be more different.Astro compatibility isn’t always about like meeting like.Many of us are attracted, consciously or not, to qualities which we know we ourselves lack.So, what fashion advice do you have for people getting dressed for a date?I like a look that's a little dressed-down, although a suit is nice once in a while.But he had long hair when I first met him, and he cut it off a couple of months ago.The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content (eg.You might think that they would horrify each other, but far from it – each partner is intrigued by the other’s way of approaching the world.'You're much happier when you wait," she used to tell me.'The ones that come to you are the only ones worth anything.

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