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Since latency cannot be tuned, one solution to dealing with it is to simply try to keep the network traffic, especially synchronous communication, as low as possible.

Consolidating onto one server means that more user-driven load and background-driven load will need to be processed, especially because these loads may be running in parallel (as there is no longer a clear distinction between day and night)., which encompasses all software pieces in one server or one database.

In addition, best-of-breed solutions provide systems that are built with the depth to address one specific functional area, delivering potentially stronger functionality in that area than a single ERP system that addresses the breadth of an entire organization.When working with clients that are not well-suited for a single system solution, we often help them determine their competitive advantages so that they can better define what to house in their “core” ERP system versus their outlying best-of-breed systems.One of the key benefits of taking a best-of-breed approach is that organizations can benefit from a solution that was designed with depth in a specific functional area, providing potentially strong functionality than a single ERP system that is trying to address the breadth of an entire organization.For example, when working with aerospace and defense companies, most accounting and HR processes and functions might be considered non-differentiators, while engineering and product configuration might be viewed as competitive differentiators.In this example, HR and accounting functions might be more feasible to house in the core ERP system, while engineering and product configuration might be more effective with a best of breed solution. Business process and technological integration is crucial.The problem here is that opening the door to a potential best-of-breed solution can be like opening a can of worms.There are already nearly 200 ERP software solutions in the marketplace, but when you throw potential point solutions into the mix – such as CRM software, HR systems, or accounting software – the number of options and combinations grows exponentially.During the monitored week: In the following sections, I will provide an overview of the typical performance metrics within each architectural layer of SAP software.I will also offer some hints about which potential bottlenecks to safeguard and where to emphasize the performance optimization of custom coding.In these cases, a best-of-breed enterprise software solution may make more sense.There are a number of solutions that fit this category: Salesforce for CRM, Workday for HR, Plex Systems for manufacturing, and Kinaxis for Supply Chain Management are just a few common examples of best-of-breed ERP systems.

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