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I smiled back at her and I get off the bus at the top of my school. Again next day I met her in the bus and i gave my bag to her.She put a paper inside my bag and asked me to call her in the evening. Amitha Aunty: its ok you can bunk the class for one day. Amitha Aunty: please I’m alone please after much pleasing I accepted her offer. Amitha Aunty: Yea, you can wait for me at the bus stop.Amitha Aunty: Its ok you can also remove your dress and don’t be shy I’m also a girl. She came near me and she started to unbutton my shirt and then she pulled down my skirt too. I don’t have any word to say to her as her lips were locked onto mine.I was wearing petticoat inside and she removed them also. She then backed off and she removed her bra and panty. nenu mellaga chappudu cheyakunda door terichanu amma adi na cell lo unna porn video chustunnaru. " -"aapukuntunna...ledante ivaltiki nakoka driver uninte affair nadipedannemo" "alantivi vadulendi meke tippalu testay..."ani lakshmi lechindi. " -"em untundileve...nannu sukhapettadante ottu" "ayyayo, mari ela terchukuntaru korikalni?

vallu sareelu kattukuntunnapudu nenu bayatiki paripoya...

lakshmi amma pukuni, amma lakshmi pukuni dengichukuntunnay. "ammagaru na mogudu chesedi cheskundam" ani dani noru ni puku notlo pettindi.

"nannu dengave ippudu" ani amma padukoni legsni seperate chesindi.

We walked and walked long distance and set our camp aside the river where there is nobody. I went into the river and she holds me on my shoulder and my belly and held above the water and asked me try swimming. She then took me to the side of the river and put me down.

Amitha Aunty started to remove her chudidar top and the tights and she was standing in front of me in her orange bra and panty. She holds both her palm onto my butt and pulled me close to her and started to kiss me on my lips.

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