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All these aspects strived to make me feel different, out of touch and alone, which only served to exacerbate the issue.

As such I pretty much forgot about women, relationships and sex, and ended up focusing on studies and work for the best part of a decade. ten years without a connection, intimacy, closeness for an INFJ just ends up bordering on insanity.

We are never truely focused because we get bored so easily and are thinking about irrelevant topics. We are our own people and have known who we are from the start. Insulting us will upset us more than we admit, but on the inside it destroys us and makes us resent you.

We have good, strong moral beliefs and once we are set on something, we will do everything we can to make everyone happy. However, after an argument we will most likely be the first to try to resolve or say sorry.

ENFP's are nicknamed "The Inspirer", "The Campaigner", "The Champion", and "The Diplomat." We are chatty, affectionate, crazy, funny, sensitive, rowdy, and emotional. We are also said to be charming and charismatic, with alluring eyes and a heart-melting smile. And, if you're sad, we'll be the first ones to ask you what's wrong.

We will give far more than we expect to receive – Although we won’t argue that point too much it has to be said. Perhaps we’re making up for lost time, or perhaps, because we are often quiet, unassuming, benign in public that we like to REALLY let loose, with someone we feel comfortable with. For all the randiness and horniness that we have lurking inside us, we are still lovers and idealists at heart.Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.We're some of the moodiest people you will find. And we are sooo embarrassed to admit it, but we've probably cried enough to fill the Atlantic Ocean 20 times (and we tend to exaggerate).We also love to entertain people and talk about ourselves and/or our crushes.Sometimes a friends with benefits arrangement seems like an ideal solution (when not really in a position for a relationship), as we would experience the closeness, intimacy and the ability to satisfy our own needs and those of someone else, but at the same time we have our solitude and space. So much so, that the other person can become overloaded and overawed by it – we either come across as too intense or they think we have much deeper feelings for them than we actually do. And both of which will ultimately end up hurting someone. This is something that comes out into play in the arena of sex, we want to play, we want to experiment, we want to explore and discover all the possibilities (and positions). We want gentle, compassionate sex, but we also want rampant, animalistic sex. But even then, we might look, we might think about it, we might even start along the road to it, but when it comes to making the move, to that junction, we often stop and turn around – because we are idealists, we believe in love, we believe in loyalty and we want a relationship that lasts. Another reason why we shy from casual relationships – we can be too much and too confusing/conflicting for others. I ended up meeting someone at age 28, and that was the start of my one and only relationship to date (excluding one long distance love affair).Now for younger INFJ guys I’m not altogether sure whether the above applies.You see back in the olden days, we never had the likes of Facebook, OKCupid, Tinder and all the other online platforms available to us.Plus the Internet in general was pretty much in its infancy, and we were often armed with pagers rather than mobiles.

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