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One of Macedonia’s most well-known and beautiful tourist spots, Ohrid is definitely worthy of the excitement it incites among travelers worldwide.

Situated on the Albanian Montenegrin border, the tranquil Lake Ohrid was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1979 due its diverse ecosystem and jaw-dropping natural beauty.

Such tourist hot-spots include the Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael, an all-female monastery built in 1815, as well as The Museum of Berovo, containing a number of interesting artifacts from the town’s colorful past.

With the Black Drin river separating the town in two, Struga has a riverside atmosphere similar to that of Amsterdam, with a number of inviting cafés and restaurants propped along the river bank.The historical town of Ohrid is nestled on the lake, and boasts breathtaking views over the turquoise waters as well as stunning architecture, including Tsar Samuel’s Fortress dating back to the fourth century.Nowadays, the narrow cobbled streets and quaint orange-roofed homes of the old town blend with the lively restaurant, club and bar scene of the new town, creating a destination which is both historically significant and vibrantly modern.Aside from its greenery and serene waters, Berovo’s town center is a charming hub of life with a number of quaint restaurants and hotels for visitors looking for a relaxing vacation.Despite its small size, Berovo contains many attractions to keep its visitors stimulated.History lovers will know that Macedonia is home to the Mijaks, an ethnic group with a history dating back to the Middle Ages, known for their interesting culture, traditional rural way of life and unique dialect.The mountainous village of Galičnik is today one of the largest surviving Mijak towns, and is one of the only places left in the country in which to view original Mijak architecture, characterized by its highly skilled masonry work, and viewable in the town’s ancient amphitheater.Lying on the Vardar River, Veles is a traditional town whose main industries are in silk and porcelain production.A town under the Bulgarian empire before its capture by the Serbians, the city’s architecture and infrastructure displays a range of influences, and is a testament to Macedonia’s multiplex history.The city soon became an important center for trade, was transformed into the capital of The Roman Province of Macedonia, and was one of the richest and most well-developed cities in the country.Today it is an important archaeological site displaying the ruins of a number of palaces, streets and churches, as well as an impressively well-preserved amphitheater.

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