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I didn’t respond right away – I had things to do and places to go – but when I got back from a road trip, I messaged him, congratulating him on his fine taste in millinery.

He introduced himself, asked about my trip, and he responded like a normal human being when I asked about his holiday.

Perhaps baseball transcends borders – perhaps the great American pastime is the thing that will bring peace and harmony to various cultures of the world – especially if we include hotdogs and Cracker Jack.

I messaged the Frenchman again, asking if he was from New York since he was a Yankees fan.

Héloïse Hakimi is a 16-year-old from Paris, France.

She dreams of moving to the States to make French culture more known.

But, once again, if the relationship is going to happen, it’s going to be exclusive.He ended by saying, “I would really like to know you if you do not mind.I look forward to read from you and have a wonderful day.” Two thoughts immediately crossed my mind: 1) Did he mean “know” in the biblical sense or did he just want to become better acquainted?Unless they are fans of He Who Must Not Be Named — then all bets are off.I may have totally made up that study, but I still stand by the results.We keep that for private spaces, or once again, parties. “Je t’aime”/”I love you” is usually pronounced after a month of dating and is not a big deal, even though it makes us happy when said.But it doesn’t matter who says it first, when, or why.2) What was up with the slaughtering of the grammar?I looked at his profile again and noticed that he liked the Yankees and also spoke French – could he be a native Frenchman? I have to admit, I’m not really a baseball fan so I don’t know how that fan thing works.I also asked him about some of his interests and told him about some of mine.He responded that he liked to cook and take long drives to nowhere – and asked if we could move to texting.

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