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Every morning Michael and I witnessed, knocking on doors around Los Angeles, spreading the word of Jehovah.

As my brother's fame grew, he had to don disguises, like a rubber fat suit he bought years later, around the time of Thriller.

So my grand-parents, feeling sorry for us, took us to Christmas parties and gave us gifts and money.

Although this went against my mother's religious beliefs, she permitted it, seeing how happy it made us." p.

interview quote from "Taming Wayans" by Kevin Koffler, photographed by Greg Henry: DAMON WAYANS: My father is a Jehovah's Witness, and he raised us under a very strict hand.

He believed that if he did not spare the rod, he would raise functional, obedient children.

As strict Jehovah's Witnesses, they discouraged the kids from playing out in the neighbourhood, so they came up with comic riffs to amuse each other. Probably the most successful Wayans right now, Jr is just coming off two successful sitcoms and quietly launching a big-screen career.

He's the family member most likely to sign up for a big-budget action franchise right now.

Following the night out, another spat was reported, when Christine seemed to throw shade at Brown's ex Karrueche Tran while replying to a fan online.

56"Whatever long-standing reservations these Witnesses held about Michael being a pop idol crystallized the night he won those record-breaking eight honors at the 1984 Grammy Awards.

The very next morning one elder issued him an ultimatum that my brother must choose between music and the religion.

By this time most of our siblings had basically given it up.

Five days a week the two of us and Mother studied the Bible at home and attended the Kingdom Hall....

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