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August was supposed to be Fantasia Barrino's comeback month.For three years, the "American Idol" winner had been working on her third album, recording 100 songs with a variety of producers around the country, selecting tracks that would speak to how far she'd come in her troubled life."But once I got there, and they took me around, I just started enjoying things about it. It has history so they take you through and tell you about the history. And I started realizing that it brings you back to life. There was like 14 or 15 people in the classroom -- CEOs, lawyers, I think I was the only singer.But just being in there with them and seeing that, OK, these are people who are high-powered and have lots and lots of money and they all got to their breaking point. " Two days after she left the hospital, there was another media frenzy surrounding the beleaguered singer.

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In the complaint, Paula Cook said her husband had been having an affair with Fantasia while living with her and they had videotaped themselves having sex. 9, Fantasia was forced out of her hiding place to meet with her lawyers, trailed by cameras for the second season of her reality show, which premieres on Sept. Because of the ongoing litigation, Fantasia has been advised to say little about her relationship with Antwaun Cook. Whatever he’s done was OK because we weren’t really together like that. I think when it blew up the first time, it kind of ran him away because when he met me, he was like, ' She’s really cool.' Most guys are intimidated by a strong woman, she’s in the limelight, she’s a celebrity. I’m not a bad girl and he didn’t do anything wrong. I can’t say, you know that I’ve got a lot going on today and I need you to take over. I’m always thinking about everybody else — how am I going to do this? And it bothered me because that was one of the things I talked about cleaning up and fixing. But they always seem to find some drama about Fantasia.Last summer, she began filming her popular VH1 reality series, "Fantasia For Real," an attempt to share her highs and lows as she prepared her new album, continued to be the sole caretaker of her entire family, readied to tour a final time with "The Color Purple," earned her G. What follows is Fantasia's account of what transpired in her Charlotte, N. Before the world learned that Fantasia had overdosed in a suicide attempt on Aug.9, she had spent three days locked in a guest room in her house, refusing to eat, drink or talk to anyone.That was the last time they saw each other, he added.Fantasia was not available for a follow-up conversation, according to Dickens.9, the day she tried to end her life by taking sleeping pills and an entire bottle of Bayer. Look at all this stuff I've been through at the age of 26.In a lengthy interview with The Times in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Fantasia opened up about the events that preceded that dark day this summer when she couldn't fight the desire to "sleep forever" and the painful recovery process she just began. All of it just overloaded." Physically, Fantasia could still fool you into thinking that life is perfect.She started feeling sorry for herself, wondering why the media were always so quick to criticize and judge her. It was the darkest place that anybody would want to be. And every time, I get up, how many licks can I take? "And he just said what they always say, ' You got it, Tasia. But then she started hearing from friends like Missy Elliot, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Charlie Wilson, who soothed her by telling her they'd been through similar difficulties.Nothing, not even thinking about her little daughter, lifted her. The nurse assigned to watch her, an older woman from New York, also helped immensely, she said.Eventually, Fantasia revealed she had two tumors removed from her vocal cords, which had threatened her singing career. When her VH1 series premiered successfully in January, it seemed her fans were as ready for her return as she was.Once she recovered, Fantasia decided it was time to take chances again. Unfortunately, for the R&B and soul singer, her long-awaited album's launch on Tuesday was overshadowed by a disturbing turn in her personal life.

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