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A lot of women in New York start to compromise what they really want in a man just to have a dating life.

The best way for a woman to date in New York City is to keep it casual and make sure that any man interested in her understands that she is dating other guys. It immediately gives the message to the guy that other men are interested in her, which validates him and his interest in her.

We did, and after 40 minutes of listening to Patti complain about New York women, we were fed up.

She's been lamenting the lack of quality women in New York, and this is supposedly one of the only examples she could come up with? Women In New York are surrounded by Fashion every day, and therefore don't need their dates to pick out their clothes.Cultivating a dynamic and thriving lifestyle and social circle is even MORE crucial here in NYC given the three factors listed above. AND, I show you exactly how to set-up your lifestyle and social circle so that it FEEDS you women.The likelihood of you meeting your next girlfriend via a cold approach here is less than 1%. In NYC, I’ve been there/done that, and have dated models, professionals, lawyers, athletes…you name it. So, I know the whole circle and can show you the way.And I will be the first one to admit that most NYC men have a little bit of an entitlement issue when it comes to women. But I would call them "repercussionless daters." Their mentality is such that if the woman they are on a date with isn't giving them exactly what they want, they have no problem ending the date abruptly and moving on to the next woman, who they believe is around the corner waiting in desperation to go out with them.Plus, many times these men are in absolutely no hurry to commit to one woman. They have way too many options with all of the single women out there more than willing to go out with them."If you think you can do better in this town, you can't! She has a masters from Purdue, she's no doubt very smart.But, it's safe to say that in general, New York women of substance do what a New York woman wears to hear a talk at the 92 Y or to a museum gala.In defense of the women of our city, we've compiled some things to help Patti get over her apparent culture shock... Some New York Women Have Curly Hair And you can't order them to straighten it. Patti's only qualifications for a match for Bryce were pretty much "Jewish" and "good dad".Keith is going to make a perfect husband someday, heck, we have friends we'd want to set him up with! Patti got mad at Bryce for acting aloof at the mixer.We have a different set of goals, interests, and standards.She hasn't at all readjusted her business practices to fit her new city, and it shows. Ok, so last night's millionairess, Bryce Gruber, was a little bit cold last night. Patti set her up with an adorable, sweet Middle School math teacher named Keith.

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