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I’m resident of karachi and i was don’t know of the some sights mentioned in... KARACHI: 47 Indian fishermen have been arrested by Pakistani authorities for allegedly fishing in the country's territorial waters in the Arabian Sea, according to a maritime official.READ MORE: India LGBT group parades for their rights "And as anyone who is being forced to do something, she [Sharmeeli] retaliated and was shot for it," she said, adding that most likely the assailants were from "important families"."It's time a lesson is learnt, people from big families can't just get away with everything.Relating to my last post, Is Karachi ready for Osama bin Laden, I would like to add that atleast Taliban and Osama bhai won’t allow this to happen and we will be able to INSHALLAH control our population.About Umaira Sadaqat Hey Ramazan (Ramadan) Schedule for Karachi – 2014 balma Why are the days and dates mentioned in Urdu?The Indian boats have been confiscated for violating Pakistan's coastal territory, the spokesperson said, adding that said PMSA vessels and fast attack boats took part in an open sea operation for the purpose.Pakistan and India frequently arrest fishermen as there is no clear demarcation of the maritime border in the Arabian Sea and these fishermen do not have boats equipped with the technology to know their precise location.

Transgender citizens were granted full inheritance rights by the Supreme Court in 2012, and the right to vote a year earlier.I have planned to make a documentary, photographic and video, for foreigners to see and realize that we are already very advanced nation.We can have open sex arena with no one objecting; parents are blissfully unaware of their kids’ kartoots.This society may have found tolerance, but there is no acceptance for the transgender." Transgender people are known as Khusra or Hijra in Pakistan.In conservative South Asia, where sexual relations outside marriage are taboo and homosexuality is illegal, they are often treated as sex objects and often become the victims of violent assault.Clandestine alcohol is poured from soda bottles and someone cranks up the music. Occasionally, they are gently reminded not to take photographs, but it doesn’t take long until someone else pulls out his phone.Kami, a co-organizer of the festival, has donned an elegant black dress. Transgender people, especially trans women, have long occupied a mythological and socio-biological grey zone in South Asia.The bill was a landmark achievement in the face of strong opposition from mullahs and other tullahs of Parliament and Senate.It said, among other things, freedom of expression (sexual, religious, etc).But policewallas, atleast from the safe distance of the main road, looked quite glad; couple looked as if that was their moment of truth.I don’t have any shots of the couples doing things but I will have that soon.

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