Live comfortably in a safe and beautiful environment

Sydney is a fantastic place to live and study. It’s beautiful and clean with spectacular beaches and a dazzling harbour.

The standard of living is high making it one of the world’s favourite study destinations.

Public transport is very convenient and the city is safe. It’s easy to get around and you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Have an exciting social life

Sydney is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia. It is lively by day and night with world class cultural and social entertainment. Whether you prefer concerts, cinema, theatre, restaurants, nightclubs or pubs you’ll find plenty here to please you.

Try something new

Sydney’s warm climate means that there’s a huge range of outdoor activities for you to do all year round. Sport is very popular in Australia and if you’re looking for an adventure there are many opportunities for you to try new things- scuba-diving, whale watching and bushwalking are all possible within the Sydney metropolitan area.

Discover the country

There are also many beautiful places for you to discover just outside Sydney- spectacular beaches, pristine rainforest and the gorgeous Blue Mountains are all just a short drive away. Day trips to the most popular destinations can be purchased from our student services and travel desk.

Meet and speak English to friendly Australians

Australians are very friendly and welcoming. In shops, restaurants and on the street you’ll be surprised at how open people are. They’re always happy to talk so it’s a great place to improve your English.

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