ELC’s unique system allows students to tailor their course to their individual needs and interests. Choose from General English, Cambridge Exam Preparation or English for Academic Purposes as your major study program. Choose afternoon Special Focus Modules according to your needs and take any optional English Extras classes which interest you.


Your lessons will be lively and interesting with an emphasis on communication skills. We use the latest English language coursebooks and teaching techniques. You will take part in classroom conversations, role play real-life situations, and practise all of your skills while completing tasks and projects with other students.

Major Courses
1 Needs
3 hours/day
15 hours/week
This is your main course of study. You will take this class every morning. Choose from:


Progress and Certification

All ELC students have monthly tutorials with their class teacher to discuss their progress and areas of need. You will take regular tests to revise and assess what you have learnt. When you finish your course you will receive an ELC certificate which gives full details of your current level of English. You can also speak to our academic counsellor if you need advice on your studies.

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How does ELC assess your English?

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