For students who..

need to use English effectively in both general and business environments.

You will make fast progress in your English for the workplace by:

  • Building business communication skills for meetings, negotiations, interviews and socializing as well as giving presentations
  • Developing skills in writing business reports, letters, emails, memos
  • Growing your language knowledge in business topics like management, marketing, finance and human resources
  • Understanding the culture and language of the business world through reading and listening

Program Details

Our courses allow you to combine study of general vocabulary, grammar and skills tuition at an appropriate level with focused business English lessons. They are designed for professionals or students planning to enter a profession which will require a good level of English. The Business class focuses on spoken and written English for daily workplace communication and you will complete a range of practical assignments.

Course Types

General English + Business English
This popular course includes access to our English Extra classes. These are a great chance to develop your everyday English further as well as attend some special interest classes.

15hrs 5hrs-blue 5hrs-red General English Business English English Extras

Premium English for Business
This Premium course includes individual tuition designed specifically for you and it is an ideal option if you have very specific professional needs and interests or wish to make especially fast progress.

15hrs 5hrs-blue 5hrs-yellow General English Business English One to one Lesson



  • Intermediate You can communicate in a range of social and travel and limited work situations. Although you may not be accurate you are familiar with most basic grammatical structures.
  • Upper-intermediate You can communicate effectively in most social and travel and some work situations. You can use all basic grammatical structures and some more complex. Your range of vocabulary is sufficient to express yourself clearly.
  • Advanced You can communicate fluently in social, travel and work situations. You have a good operational command of English using an extensive range of vocabulary and complex grammatical structures effectively.

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