Windows vista error while updating firefox

Big issues with firefox 52.2.1 for windows vista sp2.As soon as I watch Tv free broadcasts, I get a trojan that does not have Opera browser.Why do not you upgrade your Firefox browser to the windows vista sp2 operating system, or was it a promotional trick to stop support? Windows 10 spies on you and it cannot be stopped, it can be slowed down at this time and keeps being turned on again by Microsoft and the 3rd party's they deal with. Linux has a large learning curve and you need to learn about a few security things to install.Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 are being turned into Windows 10. "Do not post direct links to executable files" https:// I am using Windows Vista right now and have not checked out Windows XP.This should be the file as of today's date: Firefox Setup 52.5.0Read this answer in context You can no longer update beyond Firefox 52 (ESR) on Windows XP and Windows Vista.* See also: * Download the web-browser here. The support ends completely in April 2018 from what I read in other posts.Consider using it before going through a lengthy troubleshooting process.

Getting error messages when you try to load up a website?

So it seems it is blocked because old versions are vulnerable, but that stops me from updating? Any help appreciated :) Got the message from Adobe this morning to update, tried and failed.

So it seems it is blocked because old versions are vulnerable, but that stops me from updating?

Thanks for the help anyway :) Okay, seem to have solved it by going back to an earlier version.

If you update Windows to a newer version, for example, from Windows 10 Version 1511 to Windows 10 Version 1607, you'll need to redownload and install the Media Feature Pack even though you installed it for the previous Windows version.

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