Dating site video gets weird

But one dating platform has gone one further and added a video feature to its profiles, allowing users to watch short clips of people they are interested in.

Badoo, which has 300 million users in over 190 countries, introduced the feature as a way for people to trust that the person they were speaking to was real.

Had Tanya really done anything that rude or malicious?

There I was, maniacally checking my phone, going through this tornado of panic, all because this person hadn't written me a short message on a dumb little phone.

We'd been flirting at a birthday party, and when things were winding down, she offered to drop me off at home. When she was leaving, I said, "Tanya, you're a charming lady...." She said, "Aziz, you're a charming guy." The encounter seemed promising. I wasn't head over heels for Tanya, but she seemed cool, and it felt like we had a good connection. The big changes—technological developments like smartphones, online dating, and social media sites—are obvious. In a very short period, the whole culture of searching for love and a mate has radically changed.

Every guy and girl in the room had their own Tanya.

I got laughs but also something bigger—the audience and I were connecting on a deeper level.

I called her but then sent a text in lieu of a voice mail. And I specifically remember running a draft by a friend and rewriting it several times before sending it off.

My now girlfriend didn't call me, though; she texted. P. Today I know that my waiting caused her uneasiness; she told me she felt I must have been offended by the "How funny are you? But that same night she was waiting, she got word that I'd asked a friend of hers if she was in fact single, so she knew all was well.

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