Graph updating function

But to expand the size of the range, by adding rows and columns, and change the chart's data and appearance, you must manually change the original data source in the chart by changing the cell range that a chart is based on.

If you want to change the chart's data and appearance when the data source expands, you can use an Excel table as the underlying data source.

By default, Office uses the smallest difference between any two dates in the data to determine the base units for the date axis.

When you finish, click the Collapse Dialog button again to display the whole dialog box. With calculation options set to automatic, the data that is deleted from the worksheet will automatically be removed from the chart.

If you use arrow keys to position the pointer to type the reference, you can press F2 to ensure that you are in Edit mode. You can also remove data from the chart without affecting the source data on the worksheet.

After you create a chart, you might want to change the way that table rows and columns are plotted in the chart.

For example, your first version of a chart might plot the rows of data from the table on the chart's vertical (value) axis, and the columns of data on the horizontal (category) axis.

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