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If you know of that secret Class A motorhome that gets amazing MPG please share in the comments below.

If you want to share your year, make, model and MPG it’s always great to see what others are averaging in their travels.

It’s a real bummer that gas RVs don’t get near the fuel economy as a diesel motorhome…but they’re a lot less expensive so most people say it comes out in the wash. Diesel RVs which we’ve shared in this article if you’re interested: RV Smackdown – Diesel vs Gas and we have updates with our Bounder/Gas RV performance thoughts soon!

Here’s my extremely important RV MPG disclaimer bullet points that greatly affect our overall motorhome fuel economy, small changes will most likely make your MPG numbers different: *I’m using an app called Fuelio to track my fuel numbers and provide my RV MPG reports.

09/05/2015 – 09/27/2015 Sadly, we rushed through this portion of trip heading south from our Alaska Adventures.

My first Canadian fill-up was in Whitehorse, YT and our last was just south of the Canadian Border in Lacey, WA (I didn’t finish with a fill-up in BC because fuel is so darn expensive in Canada).

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I’m trying to make sense of these numbers and I have no idea why our Gas RV MPG was so low in Alaska.

If you’ve found this article while looking for a fuel efficient RV or motorhome your search may sadly end here.

I hate to say it but the RV industry hasn’t been forced by the consumer, or the government, to design class A motorhomes that get a Miles Per Gallon that one can be proud to share with their friends.

Although I didn’t track and share the MPG of our Avanti it was the best performer due to the smaller 31’ size and lighter weight.

Our Vesta came in a very close second averaging a fuel economy in the almost 11ish MPG area (you can find those reports here: Monaco Vesta MPG).

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