Comcast dvr guide not updating vanessa dating gossip girl

They will then work with Tribune to get the updated information pushed out to Tivo.I agree it seems to be a breakdown of communication between multiple companies and it shouldn't happen, however if you want it fixed sooner than later, then open a support ticket.

XFINITY excels with 163,000 on-demand titles, 90% of which are free; to compare, DISH has 93K and DIRECTV has 41K .

If that’s not enough, you can add an external hard drive starting around (see on Amazon).

We recommend adding a hard drive if you want to fuss with your storage as seldom as possible or if you like to keep a large library. We prefer using a mouse to do a quick cleanup of our DVR as opposed to a remote control.

Even if you’re not interested recording, streaming, or all the other convenient features, the update to the interface alone is worth it.

The channel guide is way more responsive than Comcast’s old menu system and cable box. The X1 has a lot of cool features built in, like sports stats, voice commands, and must-know info for your day-to-day life (weather, news, traffic, stocks, photos, voicemail, horoscopes, etc.).

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