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'The incident 'was bad as you can imagine — times 10,' Crawford said. I don't want to send him to school.' Soon after the deadly attack ended, it was discovered that at least four Broward County Sheriff’s deputies failed to enter the school building while a lone gunman wielding an AR-15-style assault rifle massacred 17 people.

The two men were responsible for the most infamous episodes of bikie violence in Australia's history. Australian hairstylists from Barney Martin have revealed their picks for what will be most popular this coming Autumn and Winter.The Trainspotting and Star Wars actor blamed 'irreconcilable differences' for the split from his wife, the mother of his four daughters who are aged between six and 21.In the 1980s a generation of young surfers turned a laid back lifestyle of riding waves into a sport.He is expected to be in a coma for a number of weeks and is at risk of suffering a significant brain infection,’ Mr Mac Callum said.Amid reports that a number of police officers failed in their duty to confront a rampaging school shooter in Florida earlier this month, there were cops that day who ran toward the bloodbath at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.But Ewan Mc Gregor has now been dumped by his mistress Mary Elizabeth Winstead (pictured together left) because she hated being labelled a 'home wrecker', according to sources close to the couple.Scottish-born Mc Gregor, 46, filed for divorce from wife Eve Mavrakis (pictured together right), 51, last month - six months after being spotted kissing Miss Winstead (inset), 33, his co-star in the cult TV series Fargo.Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, who has four daughters with estranged wife Natalie (left), confirmed he is expecting a son with his former staffer Vikki Campion, 33.The pair have remained silent on how their relationship bloomed (Ms Campion and Mr Joyce pictured right at a Glebe bar), but sources close to the couple said they bonded over struggling relationships.Aussie surfing legend Tom Carroll captured his life in intimate photographs he took while on tour.Tom's film negatives sat for three decades almost forgotten under a house, boxed and under a lather of dust.

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