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There is, however, a greater chance of rejection (see here).

But, that appears to be the social price for choice, influence, and leadership.

Sure, it is possible to "cheat" the system—with the woman seizing control at a later date, or the man discontinuing leadership.

However, in general, accepting such a dating arrangement is leading down a particular socializing path that will influence later relationship dynamics.

Therefore, from an evolutionary standpoint, the traditional male asks-and-pays model serves to attract women through displays of status and ambition, "earns" women through provisioning, and compensates for discrepancies in later reproductive value.

Telling the guy "he can get the next one" would easily send such a clear signal of reciprocity and equality.So, if you don't want "traditional", then it would be inadvisable to follow the traditional script from the start.If you do want could make sense for the guy to face rejection and reach for his wallet—as long as that is earning him respect, reciprocity, and deference in the process (for more see here, here, and here - with here and here as cautions).For example, traditionally the man was expected to ask for dates—and pay for them too. I am going to explain the functions of courtship - and help each of you decide whether asking and paying will help you reach your dating goals. Traditional dating and courtship rituals serve two main goals - one evolved, the other social.1) From an evolutionary psychology standpoint — due to differential parental investment, females are more reproductively valuable than males (See Kenrick here, here, and here).It would also test his intentions to put equal effort in too!In any case, the men receiving requests might then be understood to have certain social obligations.In some modern relationships, both individuals do still choose a "traditional" male-led arrangement.Others, however, establish female-led households, or more egalitarian partnerships.First, much as they would like women to do, they should decline unwanted requests politely (see here).Given their decreased power in the arrangement, it might also behoove them to screen, test, and select the woman well (here).

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