Validating that the servers contain only signed drivers

Anything left on the system after uninstall, including system components installed by the application, must be documented and justified.: Documentation The site server is registered in Add/Remove Programs, so can be uninstalled via that method.

However, there are many files and folders that are not removed as part of a site server uninstall.

An end-entity certificate is a certificate that has been created for specific application cryptographic usage.

Generate a new certificate by using the New-Exchange Certificate cmdlet, or contact your certification authority to validate the certificate.

We only allow full installation and full removal so the paths where the folder logic would end up in a bad state are not possible.

This is expected to be resolved in a future release.

These components do not allow you to add or remove individual features (that is, product configuration).

This status message indicates that the Microsoft Exchange Transport service was unable to validate the certificate chain, or that the public key that was used to validate the certificate signature is not the correct key.

This status message indicates that the certificate that was used for this operation is not trusted by the computer certificate store.

To trust this certificate, the root certification authority for the given certificate must be present in the certificate store for this computer.

For more information about how to manually add certificates to the local certificate store, see the Help file for the Certificate Manager snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

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