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Monatefellaz has worked on projects with an impressve and steadily growing pool of clients including Pepsico Interna­tional, Unilever, Acdoco, UNDP, Eduloan and Ulendo Travel, amongst others.With a deep love for the performing arts and an accomplished dancer him­self, Musa has also been the creative producer and head choreographer for countless youth events.The station also announced that they adding a new music mix format called YTKO that “promises to deliver a lively party atmosphere, turning any dull weekday at the office, into a weekend session at the club.This new daily mix feature, packed with good pure music is geared up and ready to introduce a new era in South African DJ culture”. YFM has come full circle, and with the introduction of YTKO the texture of live mixes on radio will be transformed and perfected.Musa Kalenga is probably what Kwame Nkrumah had in mind when Ghana first won its freedom.In fact, much of this great African leader’s wis­dom has inspired Musa to become the man he’s busy becoming: a visionary young African who believes the continent’s finest hour will come when each person is empowered to live out their purpose – a goal he’s personally com­mitted to.

She was the first female afternoon drive time DJ, and held the position for three years.

Musa has worked with ABSA (research­ing and presenting groundbreaking so­lutions pertaining to the youth market).

Transnet (project managing internal communications during rebrand).

He has also worked with Urban Brew Studios as a production manager and event co-ordinator with YO-TV.

The Brand Leadership Group as a project manager and event director.

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