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I pulled her to my lips and forced her mouth against mine. Our hands roamed through each others hair and over our faces and shoulders as we lay back and our bodies touched each other as our tongues passionately probed into each others mouths. I ran my hands over her bum, pulling her silky dress up. I told her I always liked more experienced, older women. ‘No, I want to be able to see you’ I switched the bed sidelights on and the main light off. I could see that she was pleased with the effect she had upon it.

We opened up and devoured each other with our tongues and teeth. She stood up and walked across the room to the bed. I still had plenty of light to see anything that happened. She was very thin, even skinny with thin bony hips and her tummy with just a hint of roundness.

I knew that trying to fuck her at this time would not only be useless, if penetration was achieved, it would be extremely painful for her.

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Suddenl y s he said "lets not bother with dinner, we both know that all we really want to do" I put my glass down on the table and leant forward to kiss her. My hands swept to the front of her, feeling her thin older body.I discovered a small, hairless, tight lipped pussy, with no arousal.I gently separated her cuntlips until her clit popped out.I lay down and I traced my fingertips all over her tummy, around her belly button, up and around her breasts.I cupped a small, soft breast in each hand, gently squeezing her tits until her tiny nipples stood erect.I clamped my mouth on her clit, locking it into my gums, sucking and flicking it against the back of my front teeth. I knelt between her thighs and touched the end of my cock against her hairless cunt. " As I began to get my cock inside her, it seemed like she was a virgin. Her fingernails dug into my back, making me drive my raging prick deeper into her squirming cunt.I moved my hands to grip her waist and rubbed the tip of my cock over her pussy, up and down, teasing her. I mean the walls of her pussy were so tight that I literally could not push further. I bent myself over her so I could cup her breasts and pinch her nipples while I fucked her. My body tensed up and sperm began to squirt from the head of my cock, again and again, into her spread pussy.She reached behind her back, unzipping her silky, black dress and let it fall to the carpet, letting me see her see-through bra, a very small pair of bikini panties, and black, sheer silk stockings. She had small, sagging, wrinkled tits with tiny, wrinckled nipples. Her legs were slim but surprisingly well shaped for her age.She told me to come and lie down beside her on the bed.Offering to take her coat I smelled her hair as she turned to remove it from her shoulders and as she turned to face me again I took in her lovely figure in her black dress.I opened the bottle and poured us each a glass and then we sit down on the sofa.

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