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No time is lost in searching for parts, for Wilfred Liberty picks up and lays out all of the parts needed to complete the frame. He completed his formal educa- tion by two years' study of accounting and secretarial work at Becker College in the period 1925-1927. Methodical, even-tempered, and good natured, he has been a Whitin employee since March 26, 1931, and is now general supervisor of planning in the Production Department. The employees of Master List De- partment have an accumulation of 625 years of experience. Stimpson, the third Whitin employee to complete the Industrial Engineering Associates Corresponaence Course, earned excellent grades. Songster COST DEPARTMENT by Dick Hanny and Cleve Reynolds Congratulations to Ted Fronczak and Joe Platukis on their suggestion award. Norman Deragon and Carl Hubbard whoi gave blood at Rhode Island Hospital fon the benefit of Roland Farrer's children More blood will be needed for the future,,^, — - hence, anyone who wishes to donate bloodl " EM should contact Roland. On the left the skilled hands of Frank Clark assemble the Bijur oil system Next Leon Gauvin sets the steps to the spindle and adds the top and bottom casings. His first position was as private secretary to the medical officer in charge of the Veterans Hospital, Rutland, Mass. Walter, the fourth child in a family of six children, was born in Woon- socket, Rhode Island, on August 19, 1898. Cunningham, Jr., Engineer; Leland Hemenway, Assistant Chief; Leonard Brock, Deputy Chief. Bolton, Jr., Junior Engineer was absent We re Proud of These Men ^IVh ether it be in the scorching heat of an August noon or in the sub-zero cold of the wee hours of a Jan- uary morn, fire knows no season. 5 Crib, is marrie lives in East Douglas, and has one son w' attends Washington University. Her ho bies — crocheting and reading James Forsythe, inspector in Department 405, will mark his 50th year with Whitin in June. Congratulations to Jack Lalor on receiving his five-year pin. "The outstanding characteristic of the department," said Foreman George Armston, "is that it is, and always has been, a friendly job. In normal times he controls over 200 workers and is responsible for the annual shipment of many millions of pounds of ma- chinery. I've boated a few good tuna — one in the neighborhood of ninety pounds — and I also go rabbit hunting. Wasiuk is active in a number of professional organizations, including the New England Traffic League, the Worcester Traffic Association, and Delta Nu Alpha traffic fraternity. It's a nice section and we have good neighbors." He and Mrs. A television fan, Walter enjoys watching the Red Sox. It is the men who not only have protected local homes but have helped assure us of our weekly pay by preventing serious fire in the Whitin Machine Works. of Oiorle pgr Below: "Believe me, I'm not going to miss anything that goes on." Edward Krajewski, Department 423, is the father of. Special wishes for this year's anniversary to James and Ruth Ferry — their 35th and to Felix and Gertrude Yongsma — their 35th There has been some intra-department bowling lately with three matches so far — I score: Burroughs 2, Lucier 1.

Other explorers to reach this area include ir Aurel Stein and Roy Chapman Andrews. Ann Wojtali has entered the Douglas political campai as a candidate for School Committee. There will be, for instance, a new machine entirely different from anything now on the market for the process involved; another so sharply improved and advanced that it will set standards never before attainable; one in- corporating unusual and distinctive features long desired but hitherto unavailable; also one that has a long and very successful mill record but never before displayed in public, and several others with a large number of outstanding improvements of many kinds that will be warmly received and applauded by the textile industry. (REPRINT OF OUR FEBRUARY ADVERTISEMENT) Toros Norosian, Sweeper on the Tool Job, lives in Whitinsville and has 3 stepsons.

TEXTILE MACHINERY In addition to this machinery display, we will also bat e in Booth 24 (on the stage) an interesting exhibit of Repair Parts and Supplies. He lives in Whitinsville and has 2 sons working in the Plant Cecil Small, Stock Dispatcher, started here in 1933. His hobbies are hunting and fishing There Are BEHIND Whitin Roving Frames THE IRON CURTAIN Oorry, folks, we didn't know things would turn out as they did! If you've noticed that John Shaw is standing more erect these days it's because he's a proud "Daddy." John's nine and one-half months old son is now walking by himself. He is now so very quiet you wouldn't know he was in the office! Birthday con- gratulations belong to the men this month.

There are at least three hundred Whitin Roving Frames at work behind the Iron Curtain. m, i "l ENGINEERIN G DEPARTMENT ian, ant mrel Jfry Connie Maynard The welcome mat is spread this month Ifor William Lodder, Donald Harrahy, and |Roy Gaddis. We extend our best wishes to Ed Mc Laugh- lin, who left the Timekeeping Department to become a member of Mr. Arno Wagner will soon be known as "sparks the second" around here for he has taken up ham radio operating. Paul Wheeler celebrates his birthday on the same day as his son. Happy wedding anniversary to Kurken Garabedian and his wife and also to Mr.

In 1912 we made our first 12 Roving Frames, and following World War I sold hundreds of frames to China. William comes to us from Norwich University in Vermont. i Donald Harrahy attended Lowell Tech, Imd comes from Worcester. He and Al Coburn, "sparks the first" will have much to talk about.

Those sturdy, long-lived machines are still at work and will be for many years to come. For example, in one year — 1949 — we made about 600 Dandy, Worsted Cone, and Flyer Roving Frames. I They say a dog is man's best friend, but who has any other friends when his dog catches a white-tailed kitty. Roy Gaddis Ivas transferred from Master List Depart- ment to Engineering. We understand Arthur Wilson had a card tarty at his house one Friday night.

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