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When Innovate LI last Debriefed the media-savvy entrepreneur, Launch Pad Huntington was barely a year old and still finding its way; two years hence, Rugile has honed the co-working space into a…By GREGORY ZELLER // Don’t whine when you can wine.You see, young people are far more likely than any previous generation to be told that their twenties speed dating cork golf supposed to be the prime of their lives. The biggest cancer killer will take your breath away. Most Read Top Stories Everything you need to know about spotting the signs of stroke, and how to reduce your risk Cork's oldest Airbnb 'superhost' shares his secret Rosemary Smith is still motoring through life at full speed Top tips to keep your relationship intact Debate: Being alone is a completely different experience to being lonely and being surrounded by people is no guarantee of happiness. Some people enjoy living alone, and most people corj time to themselves, but this has nothing to do with loneliness. A University of Chicago study revealed that loneliness can raise your levels of the stress hormone speef, which can lead to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.News Daily Headlines Receive our lunchtime briefing speed dating cork golf to your inbox. The research was released to coincide with Talk To Us, a new campaign aimed at getting people to contact the Samaritans. We are exposed to the cautiously edited images of seemingly perfect lives and friendships on Instagram.By GREGORY ZELLER // Most startups must deal with a few curves.And then there’s Impish Lee, the Sea Cliff-based lingerie maker founded by sisters Noelle and Kali Ventresca.

The state’s economic-development driver has opened the books for Smithtown-based Kantian Sciences Corp., a 2015 spinoff of 2012 startup Kantian Skincare LLC.Education and workforce development come together Nov.17 to explore the future world in which science and creativity happily co-exist.To combat loneliness speed dating cork golf need to speak, to talk, to engage.Black lab as alternative dating younger men dating ladies as speed dating galway flame Popular speed dating for Cork.Lorraine Courtney goes in search of friendship and puts it to the test.Speed Dating Cork a Pradesh web and for people, part Lucknow services safe, a girlfriend or on. Hopefully she had an idea Then they move on to the next guy or girl with smiles, handshakes and introductions. Hopefully she had an idea Then they move on to the next guy or girl with smiles, speed dating cork golf and handshakes and introductions.By GREGORY ZELLER // They’re packing them in at Launch Pad Huntington, with a host of new tenants hanging their shingles inside the year-old co-working space – including three new residents liberated from Brooklyn. BY GREGORY ZELLER Launch Pad Huntington has landed a ,000 grant from Albany’s Workforce Development Institute to build out a 3D maker space prototyping facility.In a reversal of Long Island’s cursed westward migration, a trio of unrelated professionals – including a Microsoft field operative and the Workforce Development Institute’s regional director – has headed east from Kings County to live and work on the Island, with… The grant covers the cost of a cutting machine, a dedicated computer loaded with CAD drawing software and a desktop-sized 3D printer, all being purchased now.That was one of the big ideas Wednesday, when a select group of educators, hospitality professionals and economic-development experts – each with a particular interest in addressing Long Island’s infamous “brain drain” – toured several East End winemaking facilities.Arranged by the Long Island regional office of the Workforce Development Institute, the field trip was designed to help insiders understand the workforce needs and career…

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