Gentoo kde updating

Please note that it is possible to overwrite entries in the CDDB database, so an attack can also be performed via a non-compromised server.At the time the buffer overflow was fixed there was no known exploit in the wild.There have been many improvements to the build system and some bugfixes including plugging a few memory leaks since the last release, but no major changes.libdvdnav-4.1.2 can be downloaded from the following locations.If you have a file which does not play with MPlayer, please upload it so we can take a look.You can find instructions in the Bugreports section of the documentation.

Users of affected MPlayer versions should download a patch for MPlayer 1.0rc2 or update to the latest version if they are using SVN.We suspect that Youtube uses our software, and we would like everyone to benefit from their work.One of our goals is to be able to play every video file.A malicious URL string may be used to trigger a buffer overflow in the program, that can lead to arbitrary code execution with the UID of the user running MPlayer.High (arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player) if you can play untrusted URLs (e.g.Stay tuned as we continue testing files and adding support for more codecs.We also urge all websites that use MPlayer/FFmpeg to share the crashing/unplayable files with us.The FFmpeg team invites those organizations to provide similar feedback about problems encountered in the wild.The MPlayer team is also working hard on this list, so far we have added support for 25 binary decoders and 23 fourccs to existing video codecs.SVN HEAD after r25824 (Sun Jan 20 2008 UTC) MPlayer 1.0rc2 security patches A buffer overflow was found and reported by Adam Bozanich of Musecurity in the code used to escape URL strings.The code used to skip over IPv6 addresses can be tricked into leaving a pointer to a temporary buffer with a non-NULL value; this causes the unescape code to reuse the buffer, and may lead to a buffer overflow if the old buffer is smaller than required.

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