For students who..

need to make very fast progress and would like to focus on their particular individual needs during one to one lessons in the afternoons.

You will make fast progress in…

any aspect of English that you need to focus on such as Business English for a particular job, fluency skills, writing skills or exam preparation.

Program details

Our Premium courses incorporate 3 hours per day (15hrs per week) major course in either General English or Academic English, which are complemented by 5 hours per week one-to-one tuition and 5 hours per week of either English Extras or a Special Focus Module (depending on the course chosen).

Your individual lessons will be taught by a skilled and experienced teacher and the content will be designed following your own request so you can achieve your personal goals very fast.

These courses are very popular with students who attend school for a few weeks only and wish to achieve maximum progress but they are also a popular option as part of a longer-term enrolment in an intensive course, for example by enrolling in a 10-week Intensive Academic English course followed by a 4-week Premium Academic English course.

Course Types

Premium English
Our most popular Premium course: in addition to your 5hrs of 1-1 tuition, your morning class will help you improve your everyday English for travel, work or social purposes and you will have the option of either attending English Extra classes or supervised self-study.

15hrs 5hrs-blue 5hrs-red General English One to one Lesson English Extras

Premium Academic English – EAP & IELTS
This course is extremely popular with academic English students who face specific issues in some academic or linguistic areas or with students preparing for the IELTS exam and wishing to focus more particularly on one band of the exam.

15hrs 5hrs-blue 5hrs-red Academic English One to one Lesson English Extras


Premium English For Business
The latest addition to our premium courses range, this course is perfect for business professionals and students alike. General English will improve your everyday English, Business English will cover the most common Business topics used in day-to-day business and the one-to-one lessons will give you the chance to customise your lesson for your chosen business area and skills.

15hrs 5hrs-blue 5hrs-red General English Business English One to one Lesson



  • Premium English available at all levels from beginner to advanced – refer to General English
  • Premium Academic English Offered from a level of English equivalent to our intermediate level (IELTS 5.0 / TOEFL 500) – refer to Academic English – EAP & IELTS
  • Premium English for Business Offered from a level of English equivalent to our intermediate level (IELTS 5.0 / TOEFL 500) – refer to Business English

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