Validating a form using javascript

By default, the invisible fields belonging to inactive regions will be ignored by Form Validation, we need to set . In order to validate particular region, we can use validate Container(container) method.

Then use is Valid Container(container) method to determine the container is valid or not.

Unfortunately, intl-tel-input doesn't provide an event or callback that is executed after choosing a country.

Hi Just finished helping a customer who wanted to add attachments to PDF using javascript.

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This document is a list of best practices and preferred ways of developing javascript code, based on opinions and experience from many developers in the javascript community.

The X-ray examinations provided the scoliosis arrows (X-SA), the Cobb angles and the classification of spinal posture based on the Cobb angle.

The results from the DIPA protocol were compared to those from the X-ray examination-based protocol.

First, the X-ray examinations were used to check the correlation between the palpated and marked SP and the true location of the SP of the vertebra in question, by assessing the distance between them.

The spinal posture was classified based on the calculation of the scoliosis arrows in the DIPA (DIPA-SA).

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