Consolidating finaces when marrying

Reply I know multiple people who have had troubles hiding the engagement ring purchase from their girlfriend!

Also, you’d think that jewellery stores would be USED to that by now? Reply My answers for 1, 2 and 3 are the same as yours. I have a small savings stash because — even though the “experts” say it’s not ok — I think women need to have some cash stowed away for a rainy day apart from what the hubby knows about.

Just pray your other half isn’t reading right now like mine is, haha… Feel free to ask your own questions about that too, if you have any – maybe someone here has gone through the same and can help share some pointers? Marriage is tough enough without having to keep secrets and be sneaky. :) Reply My answers are pretty much the same as yours.I had it before we got married and don’t intend to touch it, but I think of it as my money. Neither of us had any major financial problems going in (we met freshman year of college), but spending time with each other’s families the first year made it clear that we came from different financial backgrounds, and we did talk about that.He asked me if I had any money saved and I said “Nope.” Good or bad? We also discussed our spending/saving habits early on (he was a spender, me a saver).Except my husband and I don’t have separate accounts, we just take out cash “allowances” from our joint checking. We were together 10 years before we got married, so I guess it made sense to keep everything separate (plus, we were both very independent, so it made sense to us). MMM wrote a whole post on this called “How much is that bitch costin’ ya? He never even checks prices on things, just buys them—scary stuff.If either of us really wanted to, we could open our own individual checking to hold that allowance, but neither of us has felt the need so far. I’m more than happy to take it all on because otherwise we would be in massive debt. How much money do you feel it’s OK to spend on a joint credit card or from a joint account without consulting your partner? I haven’t seen anything pop up in our accounts or anything like that, so I’m hoping that’s a no. Do you think financial infidelity leads to sexual infidelity?My ex ended up over 00 in debt at the end of our relationship and never breathed a word.I had NO IDEA he was suffering so much financially because I was really obsessed with money and I was doing great.And the only “hiding” of financial stuff either of us really has needed to do is when we’re buying gifts for each other, but we have separate credit cards, so we can just put those purchases on there to keep things a surprise. I think that depends on the financial situation, everybody’s is different. Not directly, but financial infidelity could make it easier to do, since you’re being dishonest already.If you’re working towards eliminating debt or saving money, it might be best to plan out the financial decisions together to stay on track. Have you ever lied, or hidden, any financial information from your other half? I can’t think of anything, I’m a pretty open book about mostly everything. Reply I dont quite have time to answer all the questions, but I will second the engagement ring.Actually, while we were in college we set up an account at the credit union on campus in my name into which he would deposit money, so he couldn’t spend it! We have only joint accounts, but we each get a month of personal spending money, plus any birthday or Christmas gifts go toward our personal totals.After we got engaged, we added him to my bank account at home, and then I hesitated about getting him his own debit card on the account (which of course insulted him). Spending personal money can be done without spousal input or judgment; spending outside of that has to be agreed-upon. No, because he pretty much leaves the finances up to me.

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