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"He pulled sheets over my head and tried to suffocate me." The young couple broke up and got back together many times.

"Every time I would scream, it would get weaker and weaker," she says. He said, '' If you scream again, I'm going to kill you.'" Brittany and her parents, Ken and Darlene, are Skyping in from their home because Brittany isn't able to travel.

"The message this story sends to teen girls and boys everywhere is disturbing, and it is also dangerous," Oprah says. use this as a moment to allow our society to begin to grow." Oprah believes this story can be a teaching moment for every teen and parent. "And if a man hits you once, he will hit you again." Over the past few years, talk show host Tyra Banks has interviewed both Chris and Rihanna.

"Rihanna told me her parents used to argue so intensely, she used to get these headaches, these migraines that were almost not even treatable with medicine," Tyra says.

But behind closed doors, she says he was jealous and blamed her for his bad moods. It can take place in any neighborhood—including yours. She had a spunky attitude and was very energetic," says Charli, a friend.

"He was a master at being able to be happy and nice to everybody else but whispering these negative things to me," she says. "Out loud I looked in that mirror and I said: 'Tyra, who are you? Get out of here.'" Although Tyra says she tried to leave her boyfriend many times, she managed to get sucked back into the relationship. Friends say high school senior and cheerleader Charney Watt was one-of-a-kind. "She was also a leader in her community, and being a cheerleader, you have to influence other people.

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