Ddclient not updating zoneedit

Dynamic DNS service is used to keep a domain name pointing to the same computer or server connected to the Internet despite the fact that the address (IP address) of the computer keeps changing.

This service is useful to anyone who wants to operate a server (web server, mail server, ftp server, irc server etc) connected to the Internet with a dynamic IP or for someone who wants to connect to an office computer or server from a remote location with software such as pc Anywhere. Create your dynamic records by defining your host name(s) and a TTL6.

To open the file in Gedit, you can type the following into terminal: You need to modify the /etc/and add entries for "daemon", "ssl" and replace "use=if, if=web" with "use=web, web=' web-skip='IP Address'" to match the following example: # Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf # # /etc/daemon=300 pid=/var/run/ssl=yes protocol=zoneedit1 ## use=if, if=web use=web, web=' web-skip='IP Address' ## server= password='******* tux.5.) Just because ddclient restarted correctly does NOT mean that it is syncing your IP address correctly with Zoneedit.

Since ddclient writes logs to Syslog, you can check to see if the syncing of your Ip is s Suggestion: Make note of the single quotes in /etc/ddclient.conf, without them things do not neccessarily work.

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I own multiple domains which are managed in Zoneedit.I am also assuming that you have installed/setup either Ubuntu 8.04 (HARDY) or 8.10 (ibex).This Howto may work with other versions of Linux, but I have only tested this on Hardy and Ibex.Most of the howto's I've seen only cover setups for dynamic DNS services like I am assuming you have a domain name (yourdomain.com), an account with Zoneedit, and that you have setup the appropriate records in your Zoneedit account for your domain.I am also assuming that you have installed/setup Ubuntu.host= The response I receive from zoneedit is the following: RECEIVE: SUCCESS: updating IP address set to 1.11 (201: no update required for 1.11) FAILED: updating no response from dynamic.The problem is that zoneedit does not process more than one h:ost. I checked the source of ddclient which confirms my observations As the zoneedit login ID is case insensitive, I created multiple entries in /etc/ddclient.conf, every single host is now configured with a different login IDs. However, as ddclient officially supports multiple hosts, the processing should be changed so that for every host, a separate request is sent to zoneedit Second observation: For every host, the public IP address is identified again.In my eyes, this is not necessary, as it can be assumed that the address won't change so quickly.Since ddclient writes logs to Syslog, you can check to see if the syncing of your Ip is s Success by looking through /var/log/syslog.This post explains how to install and setup the dynamic dns client ddclient to sync your dynamic IP address with the dynamic DNS service For the purpose of this howto, I will use the (A)-record that I’ve created in Zoneedit called “tux.yourdomain.com”.So on with the show: 1.) First you need to install some packages on your Ubuntu machine from the location that you want syncing with Zoneedit. To use apt, type the following into the terminal: 2.) After the installation is finished, you need to configure /etc/

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