Cpanellogd updating bandwidth for

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Any utility available to affect cpanellogd’s behavior is exposed in the web interface as a value field, checkbox, or note for custom configuration.

WHM/c Panel processing related to the domain logs and bandwidth logs for Accounts, as well as service level logs for c Panel™ and Apache managed by the cpanellogd daemon.

Fix Log Rotation Problems c Panel Since the beginning of time, c Panel has had logs that it simply does not rotate properly. ) The next log file that needs to be dealt with is /var/log/xferlog.

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Any domain that you have installed an SSL certificate for gets a log file for tracking SSL traffic and it is located in /var/log.

pico /etc/Add an entry styled like the one below for each secure domain you have on your server at the end of the file: /var/log/ Take a look in /var/log to make sure that you have the proper filename i that first line.

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