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Over the course of 12 weeks, Symprove had significantly reduced the severity of symptoms in 60 per cent of participants – particularly abdominal pain and bowel habits.I took a capful of liquid first thing in the morning 20 minutes before eating or drinking anything – even water – to allow the bacteria to travel through the stomach and settle in the gut. Gradually the flare-ups eased and by the end of the 12-week course, I felt like a new woman.It has not just improved my life; it has given me my life back.”Jo Taylor, 48, lives in Worcestershire.She has two children and one grandson and is married to Keith, 47. She says:“Seven years ago, life couldn’t have been more perfect.Shooting pains across my middle left me doubled over in agony.

She says:“IBS might not sound serious but it almost destroyed me.Clinical trials at King’s College Hospital in London had shown great results in patients with moderate to severe IBS, for whom other common treatments had failed, so it sounded promising.But then again, so had all the other ‘wonder’ treatments I’d tried.But I honestly think something triggered a problem in my bowel that was only calmed by the bacteria in Symprove. People think that anything to do with bowels and diarrhoea is funny – but it’s anything but.To anyone out there suffering, I’d say try everything and anything until you find something that works for you. I’ve gone from spending my days hiding at home near the toilet to having freedom for the first time in years.I went to see my GP who said ‘it’s stress’ and advised me to keep a food diary. About two years ago, the pains came late one night, out of the blue.I was in such agony, I was crying and barely able to catch my breath.The school staff were really sweet and understanding, but it was mortifying. ’Then in October, I received a random email from a company asking if I’d be interested in trying a new health product for IBS symptoms.The treatment – a “live” multi-strain liquid bacteria drink – was called Symprove.Now I just keep supplies to hand and if I have an event coming up that might cause stress, I’ll take Symprove beforehand in readiness.I’m very aware of my diet and avoid things like onions and peas, which I know have an adverse effect on me.

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